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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 06:48 am
I read this review of a paper about using social networks to reveal the structure of businesses this morning and puckered my forehead. I don't think i have time to delve into all the questions it raises for me.

A spouse of a friend has written a sci fi book, Pinhole, available on Amazon. The first few chapters have been engaging, and i shall keep reading.

Perhaps i'll read while biking today. I didn't bike yesterday. I was exhausted by the end of the day, and used my last sparks to make the recipe we had picked out this week: a salmon-parmesan-spinach sauce. That turned out quite well, and was incredibly simple. I was asleep before 9 pm, with a list of commitments haunting me.

Christine is blue, and i think she was pretty blue while i was gone. I don't think her blues are what's dragging me down: i think that is actually the remnants of this cold. It's so sad to see her blue after such a long period of brightness, but i will trust we both are still on the right path. I am thankful we aren't both blue at the same time. My dispair last autumn leaned so heavily on her joy. I will try to give her my joy to lean on at this time.

I will go into the office today: it was so nice to be at home with Christine yesterday. I wish i could work at home a few more days. Ah well, i don't think i'm that contagious now.