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Sunday, July 12th, 2015 03:15 pm
I have had an idea!

I have a large set of excellent quality vintage china. It can't go into the microwave due to gold paint, and i'd rather use pottery. It's from a company that produced scads and scads of designs, so while the quality is high, the collector value is low. I'd been thinking i could find an antiques store that might take them off my hands, but i had the realization that i could package them up into small specialty sets as gift sets. I could even create matching napkins, tablecloths, or tea towels (using spoonflower's fabric printing?), &/or buy gold flatware.... Well, minimally, i can make sure the packaging is attractive and "gift ready."

I've spent time today (recovering from some emotionally demanding decision making) poking at boxes and shipping and fabric design etc.

And thank you all for identifying the ficus! As just a mass of leaves, i didn't register ficus -- but given how it dramatically dropped leaves when it was moved, you'd think i might. Since it takes bonsai well, i pruned it back to a more tree shape. There are many small trunks in the center, so i think it will be a little grove. (Or dead.)