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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 07:35 am
Last night to the genius bar. At first, i felt despondent that the issue was not going to repeat for the support person and that i would be stuck with this crazy behavior. Barry, who helped me, seemed ready to push through all possible diagnoses, though. I was starved though (or "starved", i'm sure a hormonal and stress related tension), so while Barry removed the disk-wide encryption i had applied and reinstalled the system, Christine and i went to a nearby burger place.

After a salad first course, i returned to find Barry quite indignant on my behalf. It is so not software, he announced. He seemed quite irritated with the previous genius' management of the issue as clearly not trying hard enough to find the issue and passing it off as software, leading the technical staff to not do much in the way of solution, either.

I thought back to the conversation with my therapist and your comments: how hard was i on myself in trying to solve the "software" problem? Particularly when he said "I was not going to tell you you were crazy," i wondered what i had telegraphed to him about my expectations of how this would go. How much of the previous "support" was gender biased? Such that i came in this time with all my command line geek-fu on display? Such that Christine felt she needed to be there as witness and to chime in that i'd spent about a 100 hours on the issue? (That was an exaggeration, in my mind.)

It was very reassuring and comforting to have someone pissed off on my behalf. I have a suspicion the April person who "helped" me is going to get chewed out, as Barry seemed both intent on solving both problems: the machine problem AND the process issue. (I'm going to write the store a appreciative note about Barry, but probably not with the first sentence as written here.) There's a possibility that the macbook, the first version in the very compact form factor, was poorly manufactured. (The technical term used was "meh," which i completely grocked.)

I do think i could have been more direct, as i would have told me, "Look, i know sending it back to get the logic board and another part replaced may seem unsatisfying as you've now been through this three times. This is the last time we'll try to fix the machine: if this doesn't resolve the issue, we will replace the machine with a new macbook." I felt like i was being prepared for the possibility that i may have to give up my attachment to that piece of hardware. Pfft. I'm just delighted to know that i will have a functioning chassis that will hold my data and software sooner or later.

All of this is under the extended warranty. There have been times in the past where i've needed to use an apple care warranty in year three, so i've found it a sensible precaution. In general, i've found apple hardware to last well past the extended warranty, and have felt i could have gotten even more use out of them (Christine has instead, eked the last useful processing out of them). I often wonder if the extended warranty is just a way to pull a bit more cash from the customer: this time, it's definitely to my benefit.
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 07:54 am
Wednesday: therapist & "wellness coach" present evidence that i am too hard on myself. Have a sense of vertigo as i realize that how i express my intention to change that ... is expressed in a "too hard" manner.

Thursday: started work thinking there were no pressing things so planned to take Friday off. by end of day, pressing things. Still took Friday off. Did take a break mid afternoon to walk Carrie before evening thunderstorms & saw a black snake eating a frog. Carrie didn't really notice that, but a deer across the field? Bow wow wow wow and a dash to chase.

Friday: yard work, significantly on the septic field/meadow. Lots of puttering in the yard. Trip to the dog park.

Saturday: morning a little puttering in the yard and then the afternoon at the Meeting house for "The Art of Fearlessness." Delightful.

Sunday: Wee hour awakening to Carrie collecting clothing to chew on in the living room. Need to crochet a fix to a lace sweater. Meeting for Worship with the message from the Alamance county chapter president of the NAACP, the afternoon at my sister's with her parents-in-law, her husband's sister A, A's husband, and their three kids, and my parents. C had had plans with her sister.

Monday: major tree take down from the end of the septic line, along with a long fire burn and it was so hot. Pondering goats again as there's a section we haven't kept clear. Then to the pet store to buy a dog crate, bed, and many treats & toys for Carrie.

Interspersed within was wrestling with my laptop: after a clean install it's still crashing. This morning i called Apple and the consult person seemed pretty clear that they need to find the issue. I hope they can.

Sigh. I could easily spend several more days working on issues around the house -- the computer distraction is not welcome.

I would love to write more communicative entries, but it's time to go to work. I've hooked the mirror of my laptop up to my photo editing machine and will soon have that set up to manage email and such from while i wait to get my laptop back. And i'm going to start using my work machine -- as i am now -- like i used my personal laptop (morning and evening correspondence etc). Hopefully i'll be able to make some digital recovery steps while waiting for my machine to be fixed.
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 07:20 am
!! ?? !!.... )@*(&$!! WHO NAMES A HORSE CLOUD COMPUTING???

I'm posting to facebook a series of "a year ago today"noting our movie across country. It's part of an engagement practice. (at this point, my computer decided to give me grief, before I could share with YOU)

Sadly, my personal computer is being very trying when it comes to supporting my communication efforts. Anyone use macs and have a favorite debugging tool?

I spent much of my free time Monday trying to sort out what is wrong. I was using ssh to access the machine's command line, but it would crash when I was trying to pack up my email directory. I have ordered a cable so I can put the machine in target mode and treat it like an external drive.
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Friday, May 12th, 2017 07:05 am
Along with upgrading operating systems, i've decicded to switch to firefox. I started because i thought a google update might have something to do with the crashing, but i'm going all the way after reading an article that asked one to reflect on how much of your life is mediated by "the big five": Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and .... oh, right, Facebook. Because i don't use Microsoft products personally, i use Microsoft's search engine much of the time. Google was still getting all my browser traffic, though -- and they get whatever leakage of my life comes through my phone. No need for them to have access to all my browser usage.

I think i feel a little different about Apple and Amazon than Google: i am actually a paying customer for the first two, but the only way Google can make money is by monetizing what it knows about me. (Ditto Facebook.)

I can't remember when and why i switched from Firefox to Chrome, but switching back is quite a distraction. The number of places I am authenticated is remarkable.

--== ∞ ==--

In other news, TL;DR: we are cranky and out of sorts because of bills and family. )

Also, ticks.
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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 06:49 am
Arrrrggghhhh and, maybe, victory?

My laptop has been very very flaky, and a week at the Apple shop didn't help. It worked fine on my trip, but as soon as i was home, the flaky began again. Why my wifi should trigger crashes when multiple airport, plus hotel, plus friend's wifi didn't remains a mystery. Indeed, despite the correlation, i don't have confidence that that is directly the cause.

One day -- i think it was yesterday, but it feels like it was Monday -- i was able to keep the system up for a full backup. Then, while poking at something it began crashing moments after logging in again. Eventually, with a "safe boot" i began installing the latest operating system, which was fraught with strange stops and starts. I finally completed the install this morning, and it hasn't crashed since -- although i remain dubious.

Another snafu occurred with apple accounts -- that resolved.

--== ∞ ==--

Well, it's been some hours now -- i read an eBook last night without incident. I haven't yet run email because i am someone who does not keep her email archive in the cloud and i worry about loosing some of the messages. Here we go!

Smith, Kristine. Code of Conduct. The Jani Kilian Chronicles 1. BookView Café, 2015. http://www.kristine-smith.com/index.php/books/jani-kilian-books/.
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Thursday, March 30th, 2017 11:30 am
The spot soldering/welding job on my new glasses at the temple has come undone. I can find the flux and solder, but not the little butane torch. Argh.
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 03:19 pm
Today i'm supposed to remember ... "replay"... a happy day, but that's really not what i feel like doing ... (even though i still have writing up the trip to death valley to complete).

First, i want to dump some worries:

1) I've had my first homeowner worry dreams: something about the refrigerator. I don't know why: my subconscious is missing the real worries about the dishwasher (is it really going to stay fixed?) and the clothes washer (did the sellers come take it in the middle of the night after the sale, or will they demand it in a few months? or...). The fridge is huge and shiny and new. I will learn to clean its coils, i promise!

and so on )

With luck, recording my worries will mean i don't have to think about them any more.
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Sunday, May 1st, 2016 12:23 pm
So the data transfer failed overnight. I'm now waiting on an ethernet adapter for the new mac to facilitate the transfer. Grump.

And, while i wait, i'm upgrading the new machine to the new operating system. Why, may i ask, is the new system NOT running the new OS, oh Why?

My old computer hasn't crashed since i plugged it in and didn't move it again. Hrmph.
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Saturday, April 30th, 2016 10:11 pm
As if i didn't have enough change in my life, i've bought a new computer. I wanted to wait until we moved but my current powerful laptop is crashing multiple times per day. I've tried the PRAM reset with no success. The laptop is a "late 2008 model" MacBook Pro so i've probably gotten a fair bit of work out of it.

I've been saving up for some time to actually buy two computers: a small laptop and a nice desktop mac for image editing. The MacBook Pro laptops seem underpowered for the price. On the other hand, the iMac would be a machine that will feel like an upgrade from my current MacBook Pro. I still really like using a laptop, though. So, i've bought the featherweight new MacBook. Two pounds. That's it. It's incredibly light. Admittedly, the screen is a little small, too, but i've been using a 13" screen for work that has similar pixel dimensions to my 15" personal computer. The new computer has the so called retina screen.

The new laptop also has only one port. You can power the computer OR you can connect it to a peripheral. To do the initial set up, including a migration from my current laptop, it must be plugged in. It looks like it will take seven more hours to transfer the data. The screen taunts me, suggesting that it would go faster if the machine were plugged into ethernet. Y'think Apple? Might want to provide some way to support that then!

Other than the pain of this initial data transfer, though, i think the limitations will be mostly unnoticed.

I'll name this computer sassafras, thinking ahead to the plants i expect to find in our new woods.

--== ∞ ==--

In other news, Paramount is claiming copyright on the Klingon language. Ha! This is going to be fun to watch.
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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 12:44 pm
I'm trying to be less distracted than i have been of late.... and today's excuses are that during the team check in, someone was in a snit, and the conversation got a bit heated. I wasn't paying attention to myself, so i was responding in tone.

By the time i'd unwound from that, i was supposed to attend an hour and a half training session on how to use the new online tool for my "performance management." After registering for the class, i'd asked about the webex information so i could attend. ("The registration email doesn’t have a webex: are all of the trainings available to non-Dublin staff or did I miss annotations about which were available for telepresence?") I received a snippy email about how the course information explained the webex information would be coming later. Fine, i thought. Well, it didn't come. I spent some time being really peeved at being forgotten.

I've gone back to look and found, indeed, i missed the indicator that the class i signed up for was not available to remote staff. The person who gave me a short response missed that i had made a mistake.

--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, as i troubleshoot a critical production issue, i got a call from my Dad. He called to let me know he found a big rock on our property-to-be near the top of the rise at the back of the lot. He says the poplars back there are at least 100 ft high. (I trust his estimates way better than my own.) He's out walking with my brother who is visiting them for a couple of days. Looks like a lovely spring day in the photo of Dad with his foot on the rock. (This is all relevant because i asked Dad to walk the property line when he was there with Christine last week. He is delighted to find a section that isn't just recently overgrown farm land.

Remind me, when it's the nth time Dad pops by for coffee while i am working, that this is a lovely thing.
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Saturday, October 17th, 2015 08:07 am
Venting over some less than delightful details:Read more... )

Ok, with that out of my system....

Pondering whether i should buy a "Calico Critter" so that i can crochet clothes for the critter and engage in all the diy doll furnishings as gifts for my nieces.
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Friday, October 16th, 2015 09:42 am

We have been using peoplesoft for reimbursement and recording time for years. I loathe it.

This spring the reimbursement feature was replaced with "concur" which has all sorts of phone app "simplifications." Sure, fine, happy to stop using peoplesoft for that.

This summer we've been told that the time tracking function will be replaced with "Workday".

Yay, i thought, good bye peoplesoft!

But no. Now there's a message that i will need to record time on projects in peoplesoft, time off in workday.

So ... now we have three systems? This is "unified"????

My nemesis Esmerelda has clearly been at work.
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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 08:21 pm
Complaining: I saw some linked article somewhere on Facebook about not complaining. I didn't read it but thought, yes, changing focus to the things to celebrate is a good way to engage with others.

I've now spent an hour documenting a bug to have the bug change from "error message generated, no action taken" to "no error message, bizarre behavior."

Can i complain now? Pleeeease? The complaint is more "I feel i am wasting my time in a quixotic pursuit of software working as advertised, and i'm frustrated" than the details i have spent writing up for the trouble ticket. Why do i feel compelled to inflict this state of mind on y'all?

Tagged "354" for 35mereld4 for Esmerelda: my archnemesis who causes bugs like this to thwart my goals.
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Monday, September 8th, 2014 06:32 am
Also, in "is technology REALLY making my life easier?" i managed to nuke all my calendars in an attempt to synchronize, and also overwrote the contact list that i have been cleaning up with one full of antique and vestigial entries.

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Friday, July 18th, 2014 06:53 am
I am considering not seeing my current psychiatrist again, as well as contacting the health care company.

Dear [health insurance]:

It has come to my attention that you are auditing the records of the psychiatrist who is managing my medications, Dr M. I am aware because he called me one evening this week to ask me my weight, height, blood pressure, and waist size, data he has never enquired about in the past. Discovering that i do not know my blood pressure or waist size, he decided to make something up and that was the end of the call.

This reinforces my belief that he is not a particularly capable professional.

Why do I continue to see him? Because your organization has very few options for me. When i was looking for care in late 2012, the first professional I saw was not particularly a good fit. I had used your filter to find someone with experience in cognitive therapy, and it took several calls to people who were no longer taking patients or no longer with [health insurance] before finding someone who would see me. That professional did not use cognitive therapy. As my depression continued, that professional did recommend attending to my medication, and so I turned again to [health insurance] to find a prescriber.

This time, i called over five providers from your list to find them not taking [health insurance] or not taking patients. I then contacted you for help, and your organization found this provider for me.

While i am happy to discover you are auditing your providers to determine if they are competent and keeping the records they should, I hope you will work with skilled providers to bring them on to your program. At this time, my spouse is seeing a provider outside of the network and we are paying out of pocket. It is more important to us that my spouse see someone well recommended by other professionals than it is to find someone in plan. In discussion with my HR colleague, i discover i am not the only staff member in our office to have complaints about the providers offered by [health insurance].


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Monday, June 17th, 2013 06:43 am
Oh no. The half kilogram of new China tea produces a mighty acidic brew, nothing like the keemun i favor. Looks like milk in the morning tea for a while. (And i may be asking if anyone wants the tea, once i see what it is again.)

Also, my laptop has been trying to repartition the external firewire drive and failing. I finally aborted so i could type on my machine before work today.

I've spent the quiet of this morning looking at the details for Sunol regional wilderness: gate opens at 8 am (so leaving at dawn is unnecessary), plant list, maps, and podcast. This should be a nice target to keep in mind this week.

Yesterday was a gently lovely day. Meeting was fine, but i knew i could not spare the energy to stay for Adult Ed. My dear friend leading the discussion understood, particularly when i explained my boss was in town this week. Home where Christine and i chatted about epistemology over lunch, and then about the design of the quiz for our app. I know have a better sense of how the questions should be structured. I spent some time knitting (knook) while listening to the Mary Russell story The Game, and as that story plays with the Kipling story Kim, i downloaded a Google Book version of Kim. Note to self: check with Gutenberg editions before going to google! Oh, the typos in the text! (On the other hand, illustrations. Hmm.) Christine ran the grocery errand alone while i finished a few household chores. Evening was our usual British mystery: this night we chose the next episode of Foyle's War.

While i am stressed when thinking about this week, particularly given an aside the vice president made about my boss' visit's purpose, i think i'm also doing a good bit of self care.
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Monday, June 3rd, 2013 07:11 pm
The heat did hold off yesterday, and looks like it will hold off until Friday. And even then, it won't be that hot. That teaches me to sit in the sun too long wearing black.

I've had a slip in my confidence in my photography+writing vision, thinking about all the native plant experts who abound and feeling a sense of accusation of hubris washing over me. On the other hand, i feel a clarity about my desire and intent:....


At which point in my journaling, at 6:50 am, i get a Skype IM from a colleague, "yt" followed by "911." I interpret this as "Are you there? I have an emergency," and thus my day began.

It's now after 4. I've had a bowl of ice cream, a four bean salad, broccoli, and pumpernickel bread and cream cheese for lunch, eating the stress out. It wasn't a crisis, but getting clear that it wasn't a crisis but merely imperfect took a while. We still need to fix it by Thursday, which gives me more headaches than i care to think about.

Oh, goodie, in a sign of just how procrastinatory i am, i have finally reorganized a bunch of bookmarks i use for troubleshooting.


At about 5 pm i discovered that the application we use for our agile project management has a problem. If you log time to a task from one view of the task it shows up on the "burn down chart," but if you log time in other views it does not.

This may explain why my hardworking team seems to only log about half the time that we have to work.

At that point, i walked across the street and bought a bag of chips and spice drops. I have read the whole internet today.

Now to get the day's work done.
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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 06:52 am
My observance list today notes:

Feel your vocation to be fully human. [12]
The Birth of the goddess Inanna in ancient Sumeria. [1]
1959 USRR's Luna I launched (first moon probe, first extraterrestrial satellite) [5]
b Issac Asimov (1920 01 02 - 1992)

I've long sense lost the references that the numbers refer to, in calendar system change after calendar system change. (Hmm, [personal profile] weofodthignen: how does one call attention to an editor , and find the appropriate mesopotamian editor, that there is nonsense in the article about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inanna ? I don't have time this morning to figure out how to excise all the opinion appropriately.)

Yesterday i worried about having enough energy for the work day today. I have rested so much this holiday season: can i bestir myself to work? This morning, i think i can. I did make an attempt to flush my sinuses. One flush seems to have had little effect on my comfort and well being. I suppose it's something that must be repeated.

I have been going back and forth with Evernote support, trying to fix an weird and intermittent-ish issue. I've installed new versions of software, generated logs, and even downloaded my entire Evernote collection afresh. I appreciate their help, but i am a little tired of the bug (for which i do have a workaround) and the troubleshooting. I just don't know if it will fix itself in time, just like it developed over time.
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Friday, August 3rd, 2012 03:15 pm
The USPS has lost my bead shipment order.

Er, well they claim they delivered it on the 25th. The supervisor for my area says it was a flat and should fit in my mailbox. Goody. It's not there.

(Christine's been checking.)