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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 07:10 am
I am not sure where all the time goes.


I've been reading a thread of discord in an online community, and have listened to the pain of some who are watching a community they have been part of fragment.

Communities have boundaries, but boundaries can be fuzzy or clear. I've been working with my Meeting to think about our boundaries and how the boundaries are very different from one person to the next. I am only beginning to include in my idea of our community two well-loved Friends who died some years before i joined the community. I am aware there are Friends who have left whom i think of as part of our community, but newer members of the community would not know. Then there is discussion around the meaning of Membership and participation and contribution.

For the community i am observing, it seems that the bright clear line the community drew around itself wasn't as clear as they thought. The people "on the line" were strongly excluded by some, apparently to the point of treating them as enemies. For those who wanted to include those on the line, this was unacceptable. So, split.

The voices i'm hearing are voices that seem to have delighted and rested in this community, and don't seem invested in enforcing the boundary, but seem so wounded by the change this has wrought.

And i have to admit to hearing an echo of the privileged of the Old South in their bitter voices. They've lost. The people who care are dying out. It's a lost way of life.

My family has not been invested in the Old South identity, but we have deep, old southern roots, with ancestors who were earliest settlers in coastal North Carolina and pushing on into southwest Georgia. There are slave holders in our family tree. Apparently my sister in law said something about the evils of slaveholding that was framed as the slaveholders were evil. Even without an investment in the Old South, the framing apparently has hurt my parents - driven another wedge between. (It hasn't helped that on a visit to Vietnam, the kids were purchased Vietnamese army costumes and were photographed as victorious Vietnamese soldiers.)

My emotional connection to the Old South is very tenuous, and so i'm not engaged in reacting to how my sister-in-law's much more global point of view doesn't frame the US as the greatest and best. Listening to the members of this other community mourn, i recognize they are not mourning the exclusion, not mourning that privilege has shifted, but that the boundary has been changed to something they no longer recognize.

I think about the recent headline about the first American man to win the Boston Marathon in decades. His name? Meb Keflezighi. I was listening to Fresh Air (in a rare occurrence) as Comic Hari Kondabolu was interviewed. His new album is "Waiting for 2048," a year when whites are predicted to be no longer the majority in the US. (Apparently, new calculations are saying 2043.)

I hope I can participate in this boundary shifting with celebration and joy, watching the children of both my siblings as their racial makeup reflects that of our country. But i feel my reaction to the headline about the marathon winner, feel the "that doesn't count" turn over in my mind, and i recognize that i have deep learned patterns that i need to unlearn. And unlearn fast. Because if i don't, i will hurt my fellow Americans with the "not-real-American" reactions, with the "in the old days" stories. And i will hurt myself.
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Saturday, April 19th, 2014 03:39 pm
What a delicious Friday morning. I'm working from home, but i don't need to start until normal working hours! The mystery of the exhaustion was resolved (hormonal; i wish i could predict that but my "cycles" are very lopsided and wobbly), and out i went for a walk last night.

Today: no wheat, no sweets.

Also, if work can manage not to be in a panic ... oh look, an 8 am meeting. Sigh.

We have a yard sale tomorrow: the neighborhood all shares in the same day, and i decided to participate by selling this year. Some of my white Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes from college will be on sale: coffee pot, pitcher, salt and pepper, cream & sugar, and seven cups and saucers. Sentiment isn't good enough, and i prefer my mismatched collections. Mom has returned to me the dishes i bought at thrift stores in Philly for her: those are going, too. Those, in fact, were the tipping point: there was NO WHERE to put those. I purged the vase collection, and that has actually purchased some storage room. The other dishes just bought wiggle room where dishes were tightly packed or precariously stacked. I may take a few breaks today to sort through a little more.

I have memorized the first thirty elements of the periodic table. I think these will be the easiest, as they are all fairly common except 21 Scandium and 23 Vanadium.


And Saturday comes. I HOPE i forgot to take my antidepressant yesterday. The end of the day i was overwhelmed with impostor syndrome thoughts, triggered by talking to my new boss about my reviews of the team plus having a less than successful time taking photos in the hills.

Dinner in the Hills

There. It doesn't begin to catch the delight of the lupines in the sun, the white butterflies fluttering over them, and the deer (who were curious about what the human was doing laying down in the grasses and so on, but were pretty unconcerned otherwise).

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 06:45 am
Some weeks ago there was an upgrade on my phone that nuked half my applications. The phone had behaved oddly since, not connecting to the 'net, culminating in a refusal to download email. I reset my phone to factory settings on Monday, and have (1) carefully purged a great deal of Samsung and Sprint software and (2) refused some of the "security" features. I do trust Amazon's store, and i don't download many apps anymore. The ones i download, i would like to keep, k thx bye.

I find myself wishing the phone had more magical, ooh, ahh effects. When it comes down to actually configuring it to be that way, i balk. Clutter. Distraction.

My phone is currently practical: weather, email, note pad, calendar.

However "S-Voice" is quite cool (the Samsung voice control interface), and i am depending on the voice control more and more. I love asking it questions as i drive, and yesterday was able to ask the phone to pull up Safety Dance (there, you have the earworm) on Youtube without looking at the device.


Weariness continues. I'm not entirely sure what is going on but i am not feeling any bounce. The craving for sweets and coffee and boost keeps happening, and so yesterday i had an evening binge on donuts. Sugar to have enough energy to ... well, not much.

I'm sure there's some level of flare going on. The burning sensation on my face has migrated from the left to the right side, but it's very mild. It's not contributing to a headache, although i do seem to have a sinus headache. I wonder about arthritis as one knee -- the one i bashed in late December -- aches and one knuckle aches. I think i bashed that while dealing with the couch in late March. Arthritis or just clumsy?

I could not manage to stay up for the eclipse, and enjoyed it through Christine's sharing.


The weariness -- it doesn't exactly feel like depression -- will pass. But ugh.
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Monday, April 14th, 2014 06:03 am
So, busy work week but performance appraisals done, check, and install plans done, check. Crash-relaxed all Saturday morning, reviewing some unedited photos and adding a handful of month old observations to iNaturalist. Friends responsibilities followed with an early evening meeting of Nominating committee, and then helping prepare the light lunch, followed by Meeting for Business. I'd been delighting in how short Meeting for Business had been, but yesterday's did run to 3 pm.

And thus the weekend sped by and it's back to work.

I am seriously pondering staying up late for me to watch the eclipse.

Work doesn't look easier this week.
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Sunday, March 30th, 2014 07:13 am
Astrophotography has been on my mind since seeing the eclipses on the calendar for this year. We're getting close to Mars, apposition in April. In October, eclipses and a comet will come very close to Mars. I've been discovering T-mount mirror reflex lenses and pondering teleconverters.

On the other hand, a big lousy image may not be any more satisfying than a small precise image.


After a Saturday morning puttering online, much of the rest of the day i was restless. I had some to-dos on my plate, i had some wishes (Oh, to go to table mountain, oh, the bioblitz). The rain came down and Christine and i sat watching the dim skies on the deck.

I am learning the elements and their atomic number using the flash card program Anki. It's slow going on day 1.5. The first day i hadn't "shuffled" the cards, so the low atomic weights were the ones flashed by the software. I found how to shuffle and yoicks, 91 is Protactinium, 68 is Erbium, and i've never really heard of those elements. I might just begin to learn the highway numbers around here. Is i muttered that "82 is lead" to myself, Christine pointed out that was El Camino's traffic. 92 is uranium, and that's the first highway on my commute home. 25 manganese, 35 bromine: local speed limits. The end goal is to have a collection of numbers that can facilitate memorization of other things, just like the "82 is lead is the traffic on El Caminio" trick.

--==Now Monday Morning==--

The deck garden is vibrant with flowers. The lemon tree is still blooming, and i picked its two ripe fruit. On one side a white geranium lifts bundles of blooms out of the green riot. On the other side of the lemon, the argyranthemum has daisy-like flowers all over the shrub. Taking the yellow centers, the yellow miniature rose has bloomed. The yellow color carries to a gerbera daisy paired with bright red geranium blossoms. Then there are many hues of purple: the purple verbena still blooms a bright cascade. The rosemary seems to be done with its few blossoms, but the lavender still sends up shoots. The thyme is covered with tiny blossoms, and the sage is blooming, too. Some of the scented geraniums are blooming, but not the one that was more exposed than the others, with its very sculpted trunks. A rescued carrot will eventually unfurl its umbel, but currently the feathery bug

Both hydrangeas are green and lush with buds. A cyclamen we bought in December seems to have put forth another round of buds. The potatoes have sent up green shoots, finally. I’ve two planters that are empty and have found my stash of seeds.
I’ve put the rainbow chard where it might get more light and grow a bit more.

The hellebore, primroses, and Christmas cactus all seem to have finished blooming Basils are all dead, viola penny ™ orange died. (Due to aphids?) My native planter's Lupinus albifrons is stunted and shows no growth. Bolander's Phacelia seems the most delighted with its situation, while the pink seems content. A fourth plant in the planter and a fifth in the recycled bird feeder planter seem to be hanging on.


I should have posted but the query i pulled reminded me of a work duty that needs doing. I didn't get to it over the weekend, but i did get a financial task complete.
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Thursday, March 27th, 2014 06:39 am
One common tradition in Friends Meetings is to read queries to the gathered Meeting for Worship. In Pacific Yearly meeting, Faith and Practice has twelve sets of queries read once a month. In the past at my meeting, they were read on the first Firstday (Sunday) in the month.

Some particular someone got a bee in his bonnet about this being programmed worship. We've dropped the practice despite others in the meeting thinking that the queries should be read.

During Wednesday evening worship, a rare occasion for me, i found myself thinking about queries.

One thought is to lead a return of the practice.

Another thought is to return to my own practice of journaling in response to queries.

Periodically i've gone through practices of responding to questions, not just the Yearly Meeting's queries, but also some others. I'm imagining drawing a random number and responding from a set list.

Here are some ideas
  1. How have i furthered the cause of social justice in the past day (week) and what opportunities have i missed? (I thought about this during worship and the drive home. I don't see many places where i act to support social justice, but i noted by buying from Amazon instead of REI i supported the distribution center business. I think i may find this query good practice.)
  2. How have i practiced compassion in the past day (week) and what opportunities have i missed?
  3. How have i conserved natural resources in the past day (week) and what opportunities have i missed?
  4. In what way did i best steward my time and what opportunities have i missed?
  5. What was the most beautiful moment in the past day (week)?
  6. What has caused frustration in the past day (week) and how may i go forward?
  7. Are there concerns that i may carry for another?
  8. Are there concerns i may ask another to carry for me?
  9. Have i been using those tools that i know make my life better? (Or that i'm experimenting with?)
  10. Are there yams[1] i've eaten in the past day, yams getting cold on the plate?
  11. What abundance have i experienced in the past day (week)?
  12. What joy have i experienced in the past day (week)?
  13. Have i been attending to the transitions (joy/flow/meander) and when may i have missed the opportunity?

Do you have any offerings for me?

[1] http://elainegrey.livejournal.com/1041377.html?thread=1116129#t1116129
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Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 06:49 am
I think i found a new time sink that really should be avoided. It's a site named viewbug, and i feel like it is all about pulling mostly ambitious amateur photographers in and farming them. The contests are by folks selling to photographers, and you have to pay to submit to some contests and pay to get lots of features and access most contests. There's tons of "social" interactivity - liking, awarding, favoriting, commenting -- i've transferred a bunch of images from Flickr with the free two weeks of "premium" and am trying not to get sucked in. Does this meet any of my goals? I don't think so.

Sanicula bipinnatifida

I did get a trundle in around Edgewood while Christine and her sister watched a movie. This netted a nice collection of observations for iNaturalist: http://www.inaturalist.org/calendar/judielaine/2014/3/23

I'm hoping that between the post-visit relaxation, a hormonal shift, and giving in to my naturalist self (writing the essay on Forget-me-nots and the Edgewood trip) i can now return to everything about which i have been procrastinating. None of it is particularly onerous, but i think i wanted to do something for my naturalist future so much that holding off from that to do other things was tying me in knots.
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Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 08:00 am
[personal profile] annie_r asks, " What is the bioblitz? did I miss something?" To which i must admit only a mind reader had a chance of knowing what i was talking about. National Geographic sponsors a bioblitz once a year, this year in the Golden Gate Recreation Area. Wonderful chance for that networking, etc.

But i'd rather go to table mountain (Flickr images).

And it seems registration for the bioblitz is closed, so i may have been disappointed had i decided otherwise.


This morning a 500 mm reflector lens is up for bid at a starting price of $1. I bid so that the sum of the shipping and price would be $100 and beat the other two bidders, driving the price up to $2 something. I do not at all expect to win this lens as they usually go for $500+. However, maybe the "acceptable" condition instead of "good" will chase away the high price bidders. I recently read an article about how many visible issues with lenses have little to no effect on the quality of the images, so i'm happy to keep my fingers crossed.

A reflector lens has mirrors, so it can be dramatically lighter than many other similar telephotos and it doesn't have the chromatic aberrations. Apparently contrast is not as good. The main complaint seems to be the donut bokeh, where the out of focus points of light become rings instead of circular disks. This thread has an example of donut bokeh behind a sparrow -- my goodness what a beak on that sparrow!
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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 11:57 am
A most joyful first day of spring, or second, or third, or -- happy first week of spring!


I am procrastinating, sitting on the deck with Christine. A near by weather station says 62°; the sky is a crisp clean blue. Christine's sister has decamped to more sunny locations as i don't think many folks like this level of chill. (With that, i decide i probably ought to wear slippers.)

Earlier today, when it was quite still, crows seemed to be harrying a pair of ravens. I think i should much prefer a pair of ravens to the gang of crows. A short while ago, a flock of goldfinches wheeled against the sky: lovely.

The CSA box today had no oranges. Not sure if that's a sign of the seasons shifting or not. The huge leek i'm passing to my comrade in veggies, and i'm keeping the spring onions. I chopped up most of the leaves to add to my mess of greens. Everything else could easily be split: salad greens, carrots, turnips, broccoli, asparagus. Turnips and carrot tops also went into the mess of greens along with the two week old bok choi from the crisper. I had bought radishes for a salad for Meeting tomorrow: the larger ones went in with the greens, just like with the turnips. This time i was good about de-stemming the carrot tops. The little sticks are not a pleasing texture.


Still procrastinating. After a lovely walk downtown for lunch, and a stop at the used book store. We got several books, although none spoke to me completely. I did see a Dover reprint of the 1915 The Artistic Anatomy of Trees, which i thought would delight Christine and be a lovely browse for myself.

I've been feeling this block off and on all week. I think i should post some plant photos, perhaps write up an essay in Medium.



I've decided not to participate in the bioblitz next weekend. I'm a curmudgeon: i shall admit this about myself. I want to go to Table Mountain (3.5 hours away), instead.
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Thursday, March 20th, 2014 06:18 am
Hi! I did not fall off a mountain, although driving through Saratoga traffic came to a halt. When i looked in my rear view mirror i saw the shocked face of the driver of a big pickup as she slammed on the brakes. Almost a week later and the moment is still at the top of my memory.

Monday we revisited the couch of cheap lumber. Christine had talked to a handyman to fix it just so we'd have a place for her sister. The handyman looked at it and also wrote it off. He too thought it looked like lumber used in pallets. Good thing he didn't fix it, as when i ripped off more of the cover in indignation, i found another major beam splitting. I've found the website where i bought it: "All of their products are constructed from plantation-grown imported hardwood to ensure sustainable use of timber." Ha ha. This is softwood, not hardwood. I wrote the manufacturer on Tuesday, the vendor today, and will move to posting a complaint on the seller's website.

We had a day at Ikea and bought a smaller and much more inexpensive couch. We picked up a new hassock cover, and i have a hassock in the office that i stack things on and in. I forgot to buy the shelving to replace the hassock, so i was back at Ikea after work yesterday. I discovered a taller version of the same shelving already assembled in the "as is" department. Cool! I spent all my free time yesterday getting all my clutter on the shelves, and then, as we watched some mysteries, sorted through papers and ruthlessly disposed of as much as i could. Despite the high barrier the new shelving makes at the edge of my desk (i've built my own cube!), the consolidation it makes of a number of storage options actually makes my work area feel more open.

Anyhow, dealing with the couch and couch replacement fall-out has basically been this week. More to come, with getting the old couch out for pick up and assembling the new couch.
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Friday, March 14th, 2014 06:52 am
Off for a retreat this afternoon, one for which i feel decidedly unprepared. So it goes.

Next weekend Christine's sister is in town. I have just disappointed her by explaining that Tioga Road, which crosses through the high country of Yosemite, is closed for the winter. (Also, we are required to have chains in the car.) It's just dawn as i try to look at the park condition webcams and the larger views aren't opening. The text reports roughly quarter the average snowpack: such a sad drought!

I'm corresponding with a Bureau of Land Management botanist about flower displays a couple hours south of here. I hope to visit Panoche Hills and explore some weekend soon.
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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 06:41 am
I've been fantasizing about having a lawn. My fantasy assumes i come into responsibility for a regular old grass lawn. I imagine cutting a spiral in it, and planting out native low growing plants and slowly evolving a non-grass sward. If you've 11 minutes, you can watch a non-grass lawn grow over several years at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwgPrDDwBG4&feature=youtu.be

Bee on Thyme I'm enjoying -- and profiting, i think -- from the photographic coaching available through the eBooks at http://craftandvision.com/collections/landscapes . I got hooked by acquiring some of the free books (Craft & Vision 1 & 2, Ten, and Ten More at http://craftandvision.com/collections/basics ) which - of course - puts you on their mailing list.

The landscape i posted yesterday was from Monte Bello open space preserve, looking down the San Andreas fault, with Loma Prieta in the distance. (See the not-so remarkably similar first photo from http://geologycafe.com/3Dbayarea/html/MonteBello.htm )

I find myself becoming much more aware of wide angle vs narrow, of the hyperfocal distance of my lenses, of white balance, and dynamic range. This photo of the native bee was shot as close as i could get, and required cropping out most of the photo. Just adding the extension tubes allows me to get so much more close. I'm feeling the beginning of knowing what image i want to take and knowing how to take it.


Still not adjusted to daylight savings time. I can't get myself to believe its time to go to work or go to bed.

One last photo: not technically good, but one i want to take again with a tripod some time. The night light on the bradford pear (or whatever) is rather interesting, i think.

Night in Los Altos
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Monday, March 10th, 2014 07:04 am
Yesterday i wore all my hats at Meeting, clerking meeting for worship and giving reports both for finance and nominating. This week i prepare for the retreat.

After all was done at Meeting, including a few parking lot conversations, i picked up Christine and we went walking at Los Trancos. Driving up i saw golden poppies, yellow broom (I don't know if the deerweed or the invasive Cytisus species), Indian warrior indian paintbrush, wild cucumber, and some sort of white flowering shrub (a buckbrush, probably). When we got to our destination, though, no blooms. Perhaps just a little too high altitude? We crossed the road to another park and there i found a few blossoms: Ribes speciosum (fuchsiaflower gooseberry), blue eyed grass and a checkerbloom.

Views from Monte Bello

I again find myself wishing for graduated neutral density filters, and pondering how hand holding them really works.
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 08:09 am
Yesterday, i made it to work, but after my morning gusto waned i was incredibly dull. I came home after my last meeting, joined Christine on a run to the grocery so i could get comfort food (avocados, strawberries, and an over-sweet cereal), and went to sleep. Fever is my main symptom. I declined to attend the two presentations on my calendar (6 am and 8 am for the Pacific coast), and cancelled my 7:30.

I've been listening to Leaden Skies (Silver Rush Mysteries) by Ann Parker with little enthusiasm. I've enjoyed the historical description, how tangible the setting has been made for me, but something about the narrative is boring me. I think i feel teased and unrewarded: in retrospect it may be because i've come into the series midway.

I'm becoming less and less satisfied with the Overdrive offerings. Although -- and this is a thread i'm noticing through much of my entertainment choices -- i think my enjoyment of fiction is decreasing. For Netflix and video, i am impatient about taking gambles on movies: too many feel like sensational rides when i want a little more to think about. Or they are very thought provoking and challenging, and i just wanted a little entertainment. The sweet spot has been British mysteries and Star Trek, and various paranormal series. White Collar has been entertaining, albeit a little lighter than the British mysteries. (FBI agent teams up with the high-end con man he put in prison to solve crimes. Much trust building ensues.)

The best audio books have been nonfiction explorations, but it is hit and miss there, too.

Is it age that makes me so impatient and frustrated at the time investment in entertainment when i'm not fully satisfied?
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Monday, March 3rd, 2014 06:49 am
Still wet -- yay! California never seems to have rain cycles that just sit and sit like those i remember from the east coast. There usually seems to be breaks in the precipitation, often even sun, before another band of rain or drizzle comes through.

I read in my notes from 2012 an observation from a landscape photographer that winter droughts alleviated in the spring may lead to spectacular blooming seasons. "One reason that happens is competing grasses tend to dominate when there are good rains earlier in the rainy season and apparently when it is droughty and grasses are minimal, other species can sense the lack of competition making the most of late water if available."

The weekend was quite pleasant, with Christine ensuring i celebrated. We picked up the wonderfully light tripod on Saturday, and went to See's candy, where i picked out a box of sweets to celebrate in the absence of a cake. I came home after Meeting yesterday to find a glorious bunch of flowers and Christine scheming a celebratory meal. I had pleasant calls with my parents (i share my father's birthday) and my sister.

I am behind on Meeting responsibilities, but feel easier today than i had been. I still feel the clench of procrastination, but i think i've broken through a little. The retreat i am co-leading is in two weeks. The month's weekends are fairly planned.

Work approaches.
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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 06:55 am
Yesterday was a good day at work, a Goldilocks day. I was productive, but not over-productive. There were issues to resolve, but not crises. I knew it was a good day as i was able to get back to my check list and keep track of what i was in the middle of doing.

I ran across a number of things that i found amusing and recalled them to Christine as we walked (my calves and thighs still protesting from all the squatting and bending from Sunday's gardening). One was a headline, "Ralph Nader Releases List of 20 Very Wealthy Individuals with Moderately Good Positions on the Issues Who Should Think of Running for President." I read the essay (pdf): i don't think he said they had moderately good positions. It's still a funny headline.

I still feel very burnt out.

Today i must renew my driver's license. Here's hoping the appointment time works.
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Thursday, February 20th, 2014 06:27 am
One of the things i've found in my botany dabbling is that there are names of people i now recognize from just seeing their names associated with observations in databases. It's kinda cool: a different sort of social network.

On iNaturalist, which intentionally has brought social networking to the observation identification practice, i've a plant under the "ID me" page for which i have rejected several suggestions so far. I wonder what sort of impression i'm leaving. Careful? Or quarrelsome?

Yesterday's work was a struggle: i am resenting the onerous process and some of the responsibilities that i need to fill. Basically, i find i need to tell people how to do their job. I write in the install plan that folks need to shut down software. Since we had an issue where that shut down didn't seem to occur, i now need to write a step that says, check to make sure it's off.

So the frustration, resentment (because i don't know how to do their jobs, i have to be told what to tell them to do -- spending time being a puppet is no fun), and the tedious nature of writing these plans is really pushing me into work related depression again. That, on top of the down feelings of my long weekend, have me doubting my coping with depression. I identified yesterday that the drought is probably dimming my sense of hope in the whole botany-web app vision. Not a rational dimming, but the anticipation i've had of flower hikes this spring is falling away to a wonder of whether we will see green hills this year.
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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 06:25 am
Back to work today.

We continue the slow purge of stuff. I discovered that the headset that Christine labeled "junk" have sold on eBay at nice prices, so i popped that and two camera filters in the eBay for sale. A freecycled stack of books and software disappeared off our doorstep, and i've puled a few items of clothing out of the closet to put in the clothing recycle bins.

When i was back east with my family, my Dad was going through some of his stuff, and he offered me several nice Cross pens. Use them, i urged him. Use them, loose them, leave them with your tip at a restaurant, but use them.

I learned some odd lessons about saving the nice stuff for ... when? And in graduate school, i learned another lesson about using things all the way up. I don't recall exactly learning that at home, but i probably learned it there as well: i can recall how Mom artistically spattered bleach all over a canvas purse after one small bleach stain.

I've also discovered we have a hardware store in the front closet.

So, i am trying to learn to use things before ... before there's no opportunity left to use them. And maybe stop using things until they are in tatters, although that's a hard one. I'd rather get something i don't have (neutral density filter, light tripod) than replace something i use everyday (sheets, towels, couch).

Maybe it will be time to get my great aunt's china out and just use it day to day, and pass to a thrift store the plates that get the mysterious grey marks (is that from the stainless steel flatware?)
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Sunday, February 16th, 2014 06:35 am
Yesterday was less than ideal. Some physical symptoms combined to have me feel lousy through most of the day. I also discovered that my couch project was doomed: instead of a cross brace coming loose, which i could fix using some of the neat brackets i found at the hardware store last visit, the frame is broken. (Or both problems.) The broken frame is a bit of a death knell.


So, must find yet another couch again. Fortunately, while broken, it's comfortable, so it's not an urgent choice.

Instead of shopping for a couch, which i dread, i sat on the broken couch and spent time looking for a light tripod (meFOTO line) and for neutral density filters in Cokin A sizes. Surely there must be closets full of the filters out there, but not on eBay. There are knock off versions of Cokin P sizes: which is very tempting, except then i'm left with my Cokin As sitting in my closet.

I think the main thing is that so much of what Cokin did in the past is so much better done in software -- but the neutral density is impossible to replicate.

Anyhow, i've spent hours again looking at filters.

I'm half way through my four-day weekend, knowing the rest of yesterday was very much needed yet wishing i'd DONE something. I did practice taking white-box photos of things to sell or give away, including a Cokin filter and some 62mm filters that i probably picked up at a yard sale. (If you want a 62 mm Hoya skylight 1B or Tiffen blue 80B, just say the word. The Cokin is a linear filter which does not play well with autofocus.)

Today has social & Meeting commitments.
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Sunday, February 9th, 2014 08:34 am
Christine's miserably sick. Just a cold, but miserable.

I'm fighting her cold i think, and am only coughing heavily with the asthma.

Work included an install this weekend that had troubleshooting yesterday and much troubleshooting in the wee hours.

Work this coming week is going to be intense.

At this point i checked email, found someone could take my Meeting for Worship duty, called someone and found they could take my Meeting for Business responsibility, and then i slept for a couple hours with surreal dreams.