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March 13th, 2019

elainegrey: Inspired by Grypping/gripping beast styles from Nordic cultures (Default)
Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 01:33 pm
In text messaging accent complaints, another example from QA person. It's not really title case because "The" and "A" and similar words are (mostly) capitalized but occasional "important" words (morning, going) are not:
Title Case Sentences )


Moody household. Christine's elephants are tip-toeing around so i think part of me is tip-toeing around to not spook them.

Dad's gone to Florida to visit and care for some details with his mother. The stress of making that decision meant my sister & i didn't press him to make plans about the next stages of Mom's recovery: her first week home and the first month home. I eased my distress at not having plans for assistance by deciding i could do the assistance if we weren't able to (1) convince Dad of the need and (2) arrange for it.

Monday, just before Dad left, he was told she could be ready to come home next week. So, it looks like i'll be the fall back plan. Dad's level of overwhelm, his early morning (3am) wakefulness and need for a nap, and his denial all make him incapable really of providing full time care. I am stressed at the thought of having to take that on. Fortunately, work has been as quiet as any time ever....

And just moments ago i had the "home next week" explained as an off hand comment from a therapist on Friday when hearing her orthopedic appointment was on the 25th. I can drop a level of alert, i suppose.


Travel: the CDC says i need a Hep A vaccine. Presumably the first dose is better than no dose, but i will ask my doctor.

I am practicing better posture this week as preparation for "ten weeks to better balance". I'm not sure how well i can do after years and years of "stand up straight!" failing to make any difference, but somehow, the exercise to lie down on a rolled up towel along the spine has been motivating. I am actually noticing while driving and working.

The temperature was 31°F this morning at 6:30: i hope that Christine's family's peony handled that. The wet soil should also help moderate the air temperature.