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Yesterday, i made it to work, but after my morning gusto waned i was incredibly dull. I came home after my last meeting, joined Christine on a run to the grocery so i could get comfort food (avocados, strawberries, and an over-sweet cereal), and went to sleep. Fever is my main symptom. I declined to attend the two presentations on my calendar (6 am and 8 am for the Pacific coast), and cancelled my 7:30.

I've been listening to Leaden Skies (Silver Rush Mysteries) by Ann Parker with little enthusiasm. I've enjoyed the historical description, how tangible the setting has been made for me, but something about the narrative is boring me. I think i feel teased and unrewarded: in retrospect it may be because i've come into the series midway.

I'm becoming less and less satisfied with the Overdrive offerings. Although -- and this is a thread i'm noticing through much of my entertainment choices -- i think my enjoyment of fiction is decreasing. For Netflix and video, i am impatient about taking gambles on movies: too many feel like sensational rides when i want a little more to think about. Or they are very thought provoking and challenging, and i just wanted a little entertainment. The sweet spot has been British mysteries and Star Trek, and various paranormal series. White Collar has been entertaining, albeit a little lighter than the British mysteries. (FBI agent teams up with the high-end con man he put in prison to solve crimes. Much trust building ensues.)

The best audio books have been nonfiction explorations, but it is hit and miss there, too.

Is it age that makes me so impatient and frustrated at the time investment in entertainment when i'm not fully satisfied?
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I've heard White Collar is pretty good. Have you tried Elementary and Boardwalk Empire?

I agree, Overdrive/Digital Downloads just seem to have the poppiest of the pop when it comes to fiction. :( Sometimes that's what one wants, but sometimes...

I really enjoyed getting out of copyright classic fiction off Gutenberg or Feedbooks, though. Stuff like Fantomas, Raffles, Arsene Lupin, that kind of thing. IDK if that sounds appealing, but hey...