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Thursday, March 6th, 2014 06:11 pm
Feverish off and on, and now, sinus misery.

Oh, joy.

Anyhows, that's me.

Today we have had brilliant blue skies and gusts of grey and rain. Very entertaining.

LinkedIn has put some interesting decisions on my plate. First were the cold contacts about positions post eco-makeover. Cynically -- i am so cynical -- i assume that the recruiters just wanted to point to reaching out to women for the opening. Of course, this is what is needed and so i applaud the activity. (And did the same when i was looking for people to fill my position.)

LinkedIn brings out all my impostor syndrome.

So today some young and upcoming digerati Maker has asked to connect. OK, sure, we have shared connections, but i feel like a pretty dowdy connection from the tech side. Is my eco focus attractive?

Earlier this week DS asked to be connected. DS is the ex-spouse i've been not been in touch with for years, in a split couple. I've been very supportive of DS's ex. When i got the connection request, my instinct was to shun the offer. But job hunting sucks, i know DS has been laid off, and it is no help to DS's ex if DS is not employed. So, i accepted. DS's photo looks like a mug shot.

Oh, gurgle. DS wants to get together. (Yes, now that DS is job hunting. Hrm.)
Saturday, March 8th, 2014 03:45 pm (UTC)
Ah, sinus trouble. I'm in that basket with you at the moment.

I understand about imposter syndrome; I just got over it a few years ago and my recent work issues have brought it back again. I do a lot of self-talk (and pointing out things I do really well as a professional) to put it into the little box of "inaccurate self-image"