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Saturday, February 11th, 2017 10:35 am
Last night was quite fun. We went out with my sister & her spouse. The Mexican place we intended to eat at was full, so we ended up at the nearly empty Roots Bakery, Bistro & Bar (http://www.rootschapelhill.com/menu/). We all had the chile relleno prepared in a Guatemalan style with only a light breading and little sauce, stuffed with potatoes and other veggies as well as cheese. It was divine. It was sad to see the restaurant so deserted when the food was so good: it seemed like it would be a hit in Mountain View. Not so sure about a college town.

The concert had two parts, the first with Laurie Anderson. They performed with poetry, some read by Anderson, some by Glass (i think all of that was Anderson's words). There was a recording of Ginsburg reading - very powerful and still relevant -- and a recording of Lou Reed, which reduced my sister, Christine and i to tears. Imagining how it feels to perform with the recording of a loved one -- not enough and such a blessing? Glass had spoken for a bit about the Ginsburg recording, how he had forgotten he had the recording for some years after Ginsburg died. Much less introduction was given to the Lou Reed piece -- too close?

The second part was from  the opera "Monsters of Grace." The glass of prosecco made it's presence known and i may have dozed over bits. Subtitles would have helped as i have a hard time making out the words in operatic singing.