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Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 08:57 am
This morning i started reading about bail justice. I was aware Kamala Harris & Rand Paul -- a name pairing that really gets my attention -- had introduced legislation, and was aware of SONG's (Southerners On New Ground) work in May. So when Song sent this call, i went to read up on the bill -- and found even more information about bail justice.

Across the Southeast, we intend to initiate Free From Fear campaigns to end the practice of cash bail. We see bail outs as an ongoing tactic to build a base, to expose the crisis of cash bail and the beast that is the criminal-legal system, to change hearts and minds, to make real and material impacts on the lives of our people, and to build power. We can think of no better way to commemorate the history of Black August than to bail out as many Black women, broadly defined, and Black trans people free across the South as we can.

The "report" generated from my citation tool Zotero, is below, and you can skim the notes or follow the links for more.

Readings )
  • A Labor of Love: Black Mama's Bail Out Action + Reflection

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    Accessed 7/23/2017, 8:23:13 AM
    Abstract [CLICK HERE FOR SPANISH TRANSLATION] 1. Putting our organizing practice into action. At SONG, our organizing practice has long been based in love, longing, and desire across class, race, gender and community. This action allowed us to demonstrate our collective belief in a shared destiny with the dreams, demands and hopes of Black women in all of our varieties at the center. Our collective cup overflowed locally and regionally with gift cards, bouquets, clothes, services offered by local practitioners, prime ...
    Website Title Southerners On New Ground
    Short Title A Labor of Love
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    • Bail
  • Defendants Can’t Be Jailed Solely Because of Inability to Post Bail, Judge Says

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    Abstract An order issued by Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans of Cook County, Ill., highlights a contentious national debate surrounding the ability of defendants to post bail.
    Date Added 7/23/2017, 8:23:29 AM
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    • Bail
    • Chicago (Ill)
    • Prisons and Prisoners


    • In April [2017], for example, a federal judge in Houston ruled that Harris County could not keep those arrested on misdemeanor charges in jail because they could not afford bail. The judge, Lee H. Rosenthal, who was appointed by the first President Bush, found that the system disproportionately affected indigent residents and violated “equal protection rights against wealth-based discrimination.”


      • Bail


  • Getting Rid of Bail Is Only the Start

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    Abstract Using conflict resolution and social services to keep low-level offenders out of the courts should be the next wave in criminal justice reform.
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  • Opinion | Kamala Harris and Rand Paul: To Shrink Jails, Let’s Reform Bail

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    Abstract Low-risk defendants shouldn’t be detained before trial just because they can’t afford it.
    Short Title Opinion | Kamala Harris and Rand Paul
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  • Pretrial Justice Institute

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    Abstract The ProblemThe American system of bail is fundamentally incapable of doing the job we expect from it. Those with money—regardless of where they got the money or their danger to the community or victims—can purchase their freedom while poor defendants … Continue reading →
    Website Title Pretrial Justice Institute
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    • Bail
  • Selling Off Our Freedom: How Insurance Corporations Have Taken Over Our Bail System

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    Abstract Selling Off Our Freedom: How Insurance Corporations Have Taken Over Our Bail System is a joint report by Color of Change and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Campaign for Smart Justice that documents how the for-profit bail industry fuels mass incarceration and perpetuates racial inequalities.
    Website Title American Civil Liberties Union
    Short Title Selling Off Our Freedom
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    • Bail
  • Type Statute
    Name of Act S. 1593: A bill to provide grants to States and Indian tribes to reform their criminal justice system to encourage the replacement of the use of payment of secured money bail as a condition of pretrial release in criminal cases, and for other purposes.
    Short Title Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act
    Date Added 7/23/2017, 8:36:42 AM
    Modified 7/23/2017, 8:37:42 AM


    • Bail


    • From NYT editorial, re Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act

      ...Excessive bail disproportionately harms people from low-income communities and communities of color. The Supreme Court ruled in Bearden v. Georgia in 1983 that the Constitution prohibits “punishing a person for his poverty,” but that’s exactly what this system does. Nine out of 10 defendants who are detained cannot afford to post bail, which can exceed $20,000 even for minor crimes like stealing $105 in clothing....
      ...black and Latino men respectively pay 35 percent and 19 percent higher bail than white men....

      This isn’t just unjust. It also wastes taxpayer dollars. People awaiting trial account for 95 percent of the growth in the jail population from 2000 to 2014, and it costs roughly $38 million every day to imprison these largely nonviolent defendants. That adds up to $14 billion a year.

      Bail is supposed to ensure that the accused appear at trial and don’t commit other offenses in the meantime. But research has shown that low-risk defendants who are detained more than 24 hours and then released are actually less likely to show up in court than those who are detained less than a day.


      Kentucky and New Jersey, for instance, have shifted from bail toward personalized risk assessments that analyze factors such as criminal history and substance abuse. These are better indicators of whether a defendant is a flight risk or a threat to the public and ought to be held without bail.

      Colorado and West Virginia have improved pretrial services and supervision, such as using telephone reminders so fewer defendants miss court dates and end up detained.

      These nudges work. Over the second half of 2006, automated phone call reminders in Multnomah County in Oregon, resulted in 750 people showing up in court who otherwise may have forgotten their date.


      The Pretrial Justice Institute, an organization that works to change unfair and unjust pretrial practices, estimates that bail reform could save American taxpayers roughly $78 billion a year. More important, it would help restore Americans’ faith in our justice system.


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Monday, January 16th, 2017 07:17 am
Saturday was all about the DAWG. Carrie is her name now, with a nod to the fact that her rescuer's last name is Fisher. She's a hound, somewhere with English or American foxhound in her history. Wouldn't be surprised if someone told be she was a Treeing Walker Coonhound. She's tricolor, with mostly black cap and mantle.

I think she's still recovering: she spent some time isolated while undergoing worming treatments, and then joined a household with three boisterous dogs. She seems weak and tired to me, struggling to get her back legs up on the couch. I'm choosing not to take her currently sedate nature as her native nature. But, oh, sedate right now means the cats are getting used to her.

Yesterday i read John Lewis' March, a graphic novel trilogy depicting Lewis' history with the SNCC. My sister had given it to us for Christmas, and given the weekend and the president-elect's ignorance, it seemed a good day to address my own.

One: reading about and seeing images of all the violence of those years in one sitting was a bit overwhelming. I was aware of the pieces: putting the pieces together was... stunning. I've thought of nonviolent resistance as a type of "soldiering" before, recognizing the parallels between armed, violent combatants and nonviolent resistance. Reading of the training and the strategy, i am certain nonviolent resistance is just as if not more demanding of any characteristics you might glorify in a "good soldier."

I am left with the spectacle of comparison of an intelligent, compassionate, principled, educated, disciplined, courageous man who has given thought to issues from the global scale down to the family scale with the president-elect. And nausea.

Representative John Lewis' example is just stunning. May his story stir my mind and heart into action.
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Monday, January 9th, 2017 05:52 pm
Grumble. My senator is a FAN of Jeff Sessions.

At least he writes back. The other senator is a black hole.
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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 05:44 pm
So, i am wearing a safety pin out of solidarity with others who feel threatened by the rhetoric surrounding the election of Trump. What i am seeing is a bunch of accusations that it's being done bt lazy white people.

Now, mayhaps i am particularly sensitized to the breadth of at-risk given NC's HB2 targeting of transgendered folks -- that continued through the whole campaign.

Have i missed something that says safety pins are just about race? Because i wear one for race and gender presentation and immigrant status and LGBTQ identity and religion (particularly for my Muslim kin) and for the environment.... And i'm feeling a little... piqued ... at some of the discussion around https://www.safetypinbox.com/ .
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 10:31 am
Family gatherings were the most concerning thing about moving back home. We did NOT miss being at big bustling day-long gatherings. Nor did we miss the massive meals. Indeed, we don't like making big food productions on the holidays. I like having the time off to make some special things, but we don't eat them all at the same meal. Feasts make sense in the times of want, and also in the times of poor storage options. That's no longer the life Christine and I live.

We also don't eat most animals: we have some fish and shell fish we chose to eat with environmental awareness. Sitting with omnivores' platters of meat on the table is not appealing, particularly for Christine.

It seems we are negotiating this holiday with aplomb. We'll have 'brunch' for Christine's sister & husband here, and then desert over with my extended family at my parents'. It will have the quiet and space we're accustomed to on holidays. I'm very happy it's working out to be low drama and low stress. (Except for Christine immediately assuming any food i mention is intended for brunch.)

I might try baking cannoli this weekend. I don't think i can stand to fry up cannoli, but there are a number of recipes for baked pastry that might be a pleasant adventure. A filling of pumpkin and ricotta seems like a wonderful treat.

I hope for those of you observe to able to enjoy the coming American holiday as you wish.

--== ∞ ==--

I didn't go protest last night, i didn't even leave to accompany Christine to the concert where she volunteers. I was pretty sleepy well before she got home.

Today i have a list of calls to make to advocate for the Water Protectors in North Dakota. I'm also trying to round up tasks and to-dos, clean out in boxes, etc.
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 08:29 am
Dear North Carolina Legislature:

To where do i bill the hours of distress and effort my spouse is going through in trying to make sure she will not be harassed or arrested due to HB2?

Maybe not so dear,


--== ∞ ==--

I don't know how i advocate for Christine publicly without discussing very sensitive and private subjects. What a stupid law.

I'm listening to Debt: The first 5000 Years and it underscores the interrelationship of patriarchal culture, debt, slavery, honor, policing female purity, and violence. It's a useful lens for looking at the apparent "Oh noes think of the childrens" reaction here vs gun violence.
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Friday, August 29th, 2014 06:31 am
Whine )

I *am* getting better. I just resent this week.

One silver lining: being sick has allowed my ankles to continue to rest from the sprains earlier this summer.


Last night we watched Netflix documentary Mission Blue: both wonderful and heartbreaking. http://mission-blue.org/ Sylvia Earle's life is amazing to ponder: a marine botanist and one of the first to use scuba gear, one of the first aquanauts, pioneer for women scientists, and witness to what may be the beginning of one of the great extinctions.

50% of coral reefs gone?

My recent reading has led me to spend time thinking about how the oceans probably have incredible evolutionary information. While plants may be the extremely long lived creatures of the land, underneath the waves animals live for a very long time:

There’s a 2,742-year-old Gerardia coral, and nearby, the 4,265-year-old Leiopathes, a
black coral related to sea anemones, both discovered in exceedingly deep waters off
the Hawaiian archipelago using a submersible vehicle—approximately 1,200 feet
down. Older still, in Arctic waters off the Norwegian shelf lives the 6,000-year-old
Lophelia pertusa coral, around 330 feet down.

The oldest animal on the planet could be the 15,000-year-old Anoxycalyx joubini
volcano sponge off the McMurdo shelf in Antarctica. I’m not sure of their exact depth,
but no one has visited the oldest among them face-to-face, in fact, as they were
found using a SCINI ROV—that’s “Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation
and Imaging Remotely Operated Vehicle.”

Sussman, Rachel; Zimmer, Carl; Obrist, Hans Ulrich (2014-06-03). The Oldest Living Things in the World (Page 265). University of Chicago Press. Kindle Edition.

I tell myself that shallow coral reefs are unlikely to harbor ancient individuals, what with sea level changes and so on, but the species could have been ancient: ecological niches effectively and efficiently filled since the niche was discovered now empty?

And the fish stocks plummeting?

What heartbreak. What blindness. Sylvia Earle's eyes are wide open, and this documentary helps us all see.
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 07:07 am
The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act will limit the 1033 program that allows transfers of surplus DOD equipment to state and local police departments. Specifically, it will prevent police departments from getting weapons designed for war zones.

If you want to ask your congress critter to sponsor, FCNL (the Quaker national lobby) has a form at
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Monday, August 18th, 2014 06:21 am
As causes go, Christine's picked up one that seems narrow in scope: a story about a K9 officer and her handler. The officer is going to be auctioned off for $3k. http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/keep-emmy-home/214684 . The town sounds like it has some stuff going on with its ex-police chief and current board.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday pondering what i could ask for in legislation, in reporting to help address excessive force applied by the police.

Pondering what i can do to fight excessive force and disproportionate policing )
Meanwhile, reading about Ferguson now seems less about learning about what is experienced broadly in the US than about lousy or absent leadership.
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Sunday, August 17th, 2014 07:43 am
My yam was downed pretty quickly and proficiently yesterday morning. It's made me think: i've had many fewer early meetings (is my new boss glowering at folks for me?) and so i'm wondering if i can now begin to set aside morning time as Work-Yam time when i am working from home.

In other work news, my new boss has offered to "make it happen" for me, where "it" is a rather nebulous new job that is not management but more product direction oriented. I am very curious as to what he has in mind for "it" but it sounds very good.


We did some shopping yesterday morning, culminating in a stop at a glorious Italian bakery where we splurged on a half dozen cannoli. They sell Amarena Fabbri Wild Italian Cherries: i wonder if that's the cherries that at the end of the cannoli. Christine hasn't eaten her share yet. I think i can hold out on eating my last one for perhaps 90 minutes more.


After we got home both of us had some variation of being down, low energy, something. It was odd. I read the following and pondered about whether i should mention last week's fever to the doctor:

Five residents of Santa Clara County have been infected with the West Nile virus … Those with the virus in the county live in areas where the highest concentration of mosquitoes carrying West Nile were found this year, including Mountain View….

Symptoms: http://www.cdc.gov/westnile/symptoms/

I collected our share of the farm box in the early evening and loved the look of one of the huge beefsteak tomatoes. I had a vision of a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches with the tomatoes and, yes!, it was decadent and delicious.

I really need to make the salad niçoise and ginger roasted apples and beets i planned last week. The beets and apples are sad relics at the bottom of the fridge. So, that's on today's to-do list


I created a Twitter list to consolidate the streams of many of the journalists (plus Alderman @AntonioFrench and @Felonious_munk) in Ferguson, Mo, and started reading it yesterday. I checked in for a half hour before curfew last night, watching the live stream from VICE news, but *cough* my bedtime meant missing the post curfew events. I generally believe getting caught up in the news cycle is a bad idea. There's a term from postmodern discourse that describes the way we humans can get caught up and own a story that isn't ours. Various school shootings, various tragedies get picked up by national media, and it seems to me people consume them emotionally without critically examining the news. They are, truly, stories, and not news. How aware are we of our own local shootings and tragedies?

So, i do try hard to keep news as news and not as story: to look for news that informs and doesn't inflame.

Why am i reading the twitter feeds? Because the injustice in this country isn't localized to St Louis, and because the feeds are giving me the insight into the pain of those who live subject to the injustice. I think of the transit police's shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant: why didn't i get up and do something. (Probably depths of depression at that time? Or in the long downward slide?) No one in Meeting talked about it.

I may talk about it today.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cases_of_police_brutality_in_the_United_States#California seems helpful, although there's the recent issue of the older woman... Marlene Pinnock.


OK, that cannoli awaits.
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 07:15 pm

Who did the PBS News hour get on Tuesday night?

Ben Huh is the CEO of Cheezburger, a network of 50 websites. It plans to go dark tomorrow. And Rick Cotton is an executive president at NBC Universal, which favors the legislation. He's also the chair of the Chamber of Commerce Coalition Against Piracy.

Yup, take *THAT* NBC Universal. You're being put up against Mr. "I can haz cheesburger?"

Meanwhile, Dear Legislators: Domain Names are the wifty-est bit of anything to nail a law on. Try the address of the owner of the domain name, to start.
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 06:43 am
I feel i should be "down" today in protest against the US laws SOPA/PIPA being considered in Congress. I've deactivated my twitter and facebook accounts, for what it is worth.

Three copyright-related bills are currently in play at the start of 2012 – all of which take aim at any website beyond U.S. borders that distribute counterfeit or copyright infringing products. All three bills operate under the assumption that there is a problem that needs to be solved – and the best, or only, way to combat online infringement overseas is with more law targeted at foreign websites. These bills have the potential to negatively impact fundamental library principles. The following chart is for quick reference (not meant to be comprehensive), and outlines the primary issues and concerns of interest to the library community and those who use the Internet.


I note one of the effects of the proposed laws is to encourage payment processors to cut off support to the identified websites. I'm not entirely sure what "encourage" means, but i don't like it. Dreamwidth's struggle to find a payment processor that will do business with a company that does not restrict content beyond "must be legal" indicates to me that the government need not get into the encouraging business; it appears that's happening without any law with some "chilling effects."

Google's blackout of its logo is nice, although i wonder what would happen if they didn't show advertisements for 12 hours during peak US surfing hours to US IP addresses. Clearly, shareholders interests might be threatened, she sneered.
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Monday, May 30th, 2011 06:49 am
In mid-May i got the following invitation via my meeting via Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice:

The book is already written and the illustrations are already being
painted. A national distributor is ready to put the book into
bookstores and web sites across the country. All our friends need is
another $4,000 (they've already raised $8,000) to get the full-color
hard-cover books printed in North America (instead of China).

The site provides a paypal option (as well as other options)

$10 (or more) You will receive a copy of the book, which you can keep - OR for each $10 you donate, you can designate a non-profit organization or school that will receive a copy of the book.
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 06:28 am
Yesterday during work i decided not to do the conference today, but go into the office. Too many moving pieces to wrangle and an architectural review to prepare. I also pitched for new staff: a developer who would also be a "scrum master." I think i may have convinced my boss' boss. nowIn the early morning hours i realize that having someone else in the role of scrum master pushes me further away from the team building work that i value. However, it's right for the team: they need someone dedicated. And perhaps i just become much more of a mentor, a less direct manager.

For me, it will take away the stress of letting people down: by getting someone who focusses on making the team development effort go smoothly, i can focus on the trainwrecks outside of our team.

Christine picked me up after work, and we listened to the game* in the car. We dropped off the rent check, and Christine suggested we could go to the little neighborhood restaurant, in which i had noted that the first game of the series was playing when i went to meet with someone to discuss career growth. So, we did. A handful of other folks were in the restaurant watching: it wasn't crowded but was neighborly. The owner was watching as well. I ordered flan at the top of the eighth inning and carefully paced my bites to extend the desert so my last bite was with the last sweet out of the bottom of the ninth, when the Giants won the game and won the series. The owner came around with a bottle of sparkling red wine so we could all toast the Giants.

Home after, where i was too exhausted to consider exercise. When we'd left my office i was aware the discomfort in my mouth was sapping my energy. I didn't want to do a thing, but it was now the last minute to vote. So i went through the pages of offices and ballot measures with Christine, feeling less proud of this analysis effort. Christine however really dug in and even called a community college colleague for advice about the state school superintendent.

Our polling place is quite close, so Christine will take our ballots over there to vote. I hadn't notice the wording on the envelope before: apparently she's only supposed to take it over if i'm sick or disabled (not just needing to get to the office). I'm feeling a little guilty about using the proxy delivery this year: i'll try to remember next year that the wording is that restrictive.

Today there's a stack of critical to-dos waiting for me, so i can't dawdle too long with the internet.

* It's a best of seven series: once a team wins four games, the World Series champ is decided. The games vary in location: 2 games - 3 games - 2 games. The Giants had won the two games in SF, and had won one of the two games in Texas. If the Rangers won last night, the teams would have head back to San Francisco to play game six.
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Thursday, August 12th, 2010 09:36 am
One of the stories in Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal tells of someone with chronic illness who lived a much reduced life because she never knew if she had the energy to finish things - so she didn't try. Through her work with the doctor she realized that she could try things and if they didn't work out, so what? "If it's worth doing," the patient concluded at the end of the story, "it's worth doing half assed."

There's something about that point of view that ties with the wisdom of Wayne Gretzky, variously reported as: "One hundred percent of the shots you don't take don't go in" or "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

For the perfectionist, *me*, going ahead and getting something done, even if it is imperfect and not the best i could do, is a challenge. That is part of the procrastination in a large amount of my correspondence and communication: i want to give my correspondent my full attention, focus on them, but im distracted or tired right now. I'll write later. And so i don't write.

But there are plenty of cases, i think, where letting someone know you're thinking of them is the right thing.

And this morning's case is responding to an alert from FOR about San José de Apartadó, a peace community in Colombia for which friends of mine have been international accompaniment. The murder and dismemberment of a number of community members (including children) in 2005 was heart breaking, the particular victims seem to point to assassination (as it was the community leader) and terrorizing the community. The confessions of both a military participant and paramilitaries who explained how they worked with the military seemed good evidence. The court decision acquitting the soldiers seems to be part of a continuing pattern of injustice.

So i went to the "Send a Fax to the Secretary of State" page and tried to make my own personal message this morning. Before much tea. There are sentence fragments. But maybe it counts more than not sending a letter because i wait until i can write a clear and motivating plea.

[For more on Colombia and US aid and how the aid affects average Colombian's human rights, see http://forusa.org/content/report-military-assistance-human-rights-colombia-us-accountability-global-implications ]

I dare not reread for the early morning typos )
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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 07:21 am
So, yesterday i took it very easy. Much of Tuesday evening may be some asthma flare, but i'm now wondering about GERD. Can i have it without feeling much in the way of discomfort?

Christine assured me i was being reasonable taking the day so easy: it is a challenge because i know the behavioral expectations i was raised with is to work until you drop. I have recognized that those expectations are fallacious: one then drops for a much longer time than if one took the time to care for oneself. Unfortunately, i look at her family's behavioral expectations and read it as mollycoddling. Is this because my family expectations are so extreme that reasonable expectations are all distorted? It probably is, as i cannot for the life of me figure out where i would be "comfortable" except at the point of waiting until i drop.

So, i rested after the 11 am phone call, where i found myself muting the phone so folks wouldn't hear me panting. "Hmm, panting, i bet my lungs still aren't working very well."

I received an invitation and $100 from adwords.google.com to test setting up an adwords account. That was something i could piddle with as entertainment, and so i did. Christine has suggested making advertisements for causes, and i find myself uncomfortable making ads and pointing them to some organization's stuff. Somehow, the impression of "responsibility" seems misleading if my ad points to someone else's URL. I worry about stepping on the toes of someone who is working carefully to craft a message and promote the issue in an organization. i worry about board members getting irate: who knows if they decided not to get Google Ad Words or if they make final approval and it seems someone isn't following the process of the organization. If i promote a cause here, it's not coming from the official body, and that's clear. If i run an ad to an official organization's website.... Anyhow, Christine's goign to see if we can donate some of the $100 in impressions to some cause we care about. Best i can tell, the $100 will last forever advertising my creek blog postings.

I received the invitation because i am apparently a successful user of Google analytics. This is an interesting use of the word "successful" as i've not hooked my analytics account up to any page in my grey cat domain. http://yoast.com/wordpress/google-analytics/ is a plugin i could use: do i really care, though?

A FB friend suggested all her friends "look at Spokeo.com. A new online USA phonebook w/personal information: everything from pics to credit score, home value, income, age, etc. Remove yourself by first searching for yourself to find the URL of your page, then going to the Privacy button on the bottom of their page to remove yourself. Copy & repost so people are aware." The data is all poorly correlated. I'm linked to another "Elaine X Grey" whom i knew about when i lived in Philly because she had credit problems and i'd get her calls. She apparently lives in Latrobe, PA now and my web photo (the one i use here at facebook & everywhere else) is displayed for her. Oddly, my calendar was reminding me that it was time to get one of the three free credit reports per year, so i got Equifax, and it seemed pretty quiet.

I continued with my reading about the Gulf Oil spill, particularly the naturally occurring oil seeps [image]. I also contributed to the San Francisco Save the Bay's recommendation of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.
About CA proposition 14 and others )

In a fit of utter silliness, i bought my Mom a http://www.mouthman.com/ [Warning: auto sound, can turn off player at bottom of page] t-shirt of an alligator. Mother alligators are somewhat remarkable, and she went to the University of Florida. I can imagine her playing with her grandkids while wearing it.

In the very late afternoon, after a nap, i went back to my work computer and banged out an analysis that i've needed to do but had been triggering some overwhelm. I could have taken all afternoon to do it in my procrastination state and been miserable. I know there's a lesson here: i'm not entirely sure what it is.
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Monday, April 26th, 2010 09:24 am
Last Thursday was Take Your Kids to Work day, which my company observes. I had a discussion with the two kids who were still in the office after lunch about Gantt Charts and project planning. MUCH good natured ribbing from my colleagues, but i remember fondly my Dad trying to explain Gantt charts to me. That was a gift i thought i could pass on.

Christine's done some domain name activism. Sick of snarky "Obamacare" comments? Connect folks to http://obama-cares.com to get answers to questions about health care reform.

I remain impressed by just how much ... guilt? self-recrimination? ... i can package up for myself. I'm doing something i should have done but screwed up an important detail in doing, that let a staff member down. In a compensation sort of way. I have procrastinated on fixing it. I just tried to initiate the fix. [Time passes] And it went through without a hitch, a phone call, a don't do that. Why are those things so scary (and didn't happen), but the knowledge that someone was counting on me wasn't enough to motivate?

Health: It's been a long while since i've felt the side of my face burning. This is very mild, around my left cheek bone, more forward. I did have a nasty headache this morning, for which i took two aleve.

Like dot com -- i'm not going to give something particularly trackable there -- is in the offices opposite mine. The youngthings dressed beyond dressed who i bump into in the shared ladies room are so surreal compared to our 40plus comfortable shoes crowd.