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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 06:09 am
Daily journaler is seeking other daily journalers. I'm looking for other diarists that share some aspect of their daily life, whether it's limited to a narrow aspect of creativity or concern or is wide ranging. The diarist should be open to reading my entries and ideally is already reading the entries of folks in my circle.

ETA: Diarist should have high tolerance for typos.
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Monday, June 27th, 2016 11:25 am
It wasn't a plan to celebrate our first month with goats, nor was it a
plan to not keep in touch (I'm BCCing this to family and friends, some
who only know of our move through others).

We had truck trouble in Missouri, and once the truck trouble was
repaired i just wanted to get HOME. So we drove all day and trough the
night to arrive just after 5 in the morning. Moon above, dawn claiming
the sky, the murmur of night insects giving way to bird song: it was a
magical moment to arrive. The first creature to greet us was a toad in
the driveway.

Settling in has taken time: our household effects took ten days to catch
up with us, the bedroom suite didn't fully arrive until the 20th, and
the new love seat just made it last Friday. Mostly though, we've been
doing yard work. It's a lush time here in North Carolina, and the
previous owners had not been much for keeping the landscape checked.
With in the first day I'd confronted four invasive species doing what
they do best in the area of most significant concern: the drain field
for the septic system.

We have spent much time at Lowes (only five minutes away, thank
heavens!). Loppers, weed whackers, mower, machete: tools to fight stilt
grass, honeysuckle, autumn olive, and tree of heaven. I've gotten more
exercise in the past month than the past two years it seems: mowing the
eastern yard puts five miles on the pedometer. In looking for land
clearing in Chatham county, i'd run across the web page for The Goat
Squad (http://goatsquad.com/). We called the first week -- heard
nothing, and we had essentially given up when we heard from the Squad on
Wednesday. Yes! we wanted their help, and they arrived on Sunday.

100 goat hours of Goats as a Service (GaaS, clearing the entanglements
from your enterprise.... Apparently, we've brought Silicon Valley humor
with us) created the in-progress image above the before. (That's just
the first 5 hours of the three full days they'll stay with us.)

Christine and I went out last night under the last gloamings of
twilight. The goats eating in the woods sound like the crackling of a
camp fire, snapping of branches and the crackling as they eat branches
and vines. Fireflies twinkled around us, and the first stars appeared.
As we stood arm in arm watching and listening, a toad hopped out of the
fenced area. The same toad? It made its way to a large rock and tried to
free climb the big flat face that the fencing guys had turned up earlier
in the day. It tried a couple of times before we left it to make its way
in peace (and after we considered Christine as sherpa to free climbing

We love it here, love the peace and the bird song, the deer visits. The
humidity isn't so great, but the lush green is delightful. If you don't
hear from us, imagine us mowing and trimming and cutting branches and
burning the tree that fell in the storm and the invasive trees and brush
and finding little native plants like the Pipsissewa and celebrating the
tulip poplars and elms and oaks and maples and the tall yellow pines.
There's a hickory out there for me to find....

Take care,

[elaine] and christine of C----wood

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Sunday, June 26th, 2016 07:50 am
I dunno about the UK, but the block of voters in the US that i think most resemble the Leave voters would be all, "You can't make us leave, hell no we won't go," in response to news such as

FRANCE has told Britain to appoint a new prime minister within “a few days” and to immediately quit the EU by soon triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 09:33 pm
Theoretically, i slept better last night. The alarm application on my phone has added some sleep monitoring functionality. I have doubts as to how accurate these tools can be.

I probably have a good deal of rest to catch up on.

--== ∞ ==--

The Goat Squad called. We will have an estimate tomorrow. Huzzah!

Meanwhile, mowing the eastern yard took 5 miles of walking.
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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 06:43 am
The year turns: Christine and i were married on a full moon winter solstice. The full moon summer solstice seems to mark the new chapter of our life together, with our 25th anniversary this winter and our return to NC (which i had left before i was married).

I'd hoped to feel ready for a ritual of some sort, but the ritual was a gathering for father's day.

We did make more progress clearing the way around the perimeter of the house. The perimeter is a bit hard to define: while the walls of the house are all mostly clear of plants, the way the back area is set up is a bit odd to me. When you come around the garage, you encounter a white (plastic) fence. If you enter into the fenced area you proceed around the garage, the west side of the house, begin going around the south side, climb the steps to the deck (maybe 2-3 foot off ground-level) ... and then you can go into the house, but not any further around -- the deck doesn't have an exit to the south.

Beyond the white fence, though, is jungle. Christine weed whacked on Saturday, giving me access to two crepe myrtles that needed pruning and dead wood removal and then to a corner which was overgrown with grape and honeysuckle. I took out two small trees that were significantly smothered. I am sad that one was an oak: I've only seen a few rather young white oaks. The other was a sweetgum (liquidamber) which grow like weeds. I've only started on the jungle there.

There were some elephant issues to deal with on Sunday; yesterday i was out of sorts -- probably lack of sleep. I'm hoping i begin to sleep better (ie: the cats are more settled).

Last evening though, oh -- i itch. Flea bites or chiggers/red bugs? I might have gotten the fleas at my sister's, and i might have walked around outside in sandals and a dress this weekend. I just ordered something with lidocaine in it in hopes of easing the discomfort, but i'll take another antihistamine today and tomorrow to cope. (Due to all my other skin conditions -- psoriasis and eczema -- an itch response triggers a cascade of discomforts.)

I found a way to pay the deer back for nibbling behind the house: i bought them a salt block. Unfortunately, the deer decided that the gladioli were a delicious evening desert. Lesson: pick them for inside as soon as they are blooming.

We now have a fully assembled bed and bedroom furniture AND a fully assembled guest room bed. We also have figured out an initial furniture arrangement for the office: i think this might help me begin to feel a little settled. We also have a tentative plan for the library, and we ordered a love seat (a muted and pale sea green-blue) on Sunday. Our next step is to pick out fabric samples from Cabinfield to compliment the love seat, and we will order a test mission-style recliner. Hopefully they are as comfortable as the price point indicates, and we will get a second. (Risking the investment on two is something we aren't comfortable with. I'd rather risk not having dye lots on upholstery and the woodstain match.)
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Friday, June 17th, 2016 11:56 am
Monday we will have a real bed, not a full sized mattress sitting on king sized boxsprings on the floor.

In mid morning, the cats have fairly predictable sleeping locations. (Greycie Loo seems unwilling to give up sleeping under the covers. It seemed just a fear response to the move, but now that she knows how to burrow, she seems happy to do so for the midday snooze.)

I can make basic use of the appliances. (Still need to read up on how to use the programmable thermostat, the digital fridge, the multi-button oven and microwave.)

We have a plan for the office and the bookshelves.

We have mostly comfy seating, if eclectic.

We have a grocery store picked out and have learned our way around town for basics.

I'm avoiding the internet less.

I'm just beginning to have photography inspirations -- fireflies!

I might actually begin correspondence.

For my future reference, here's the state of affairs. )
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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 07:44 pm
What a glorious thunderstorm!

It was a little after seven when i stepped out on to the front porch to get a feel for the evening. Clouds were thick overhead and some of the LED lanterns had come on. I glanced over towards the woods and a doe stood there, staring at me. We gazed at each other a bit, fireflies drifting up from the grass, wind in the pines sounding like waves. I sat down in the rocking chair, hoping the doe would go back to grazing. Soon she stepped into the woods, looked out one time from the gloom, and then disappeared in the thickets.

i don't think i've mentioned all the wind chimes: the previous owners left MANY windchimes, to the point where one must make up stories about them. My story is that M--- bought them as gifts for wife G---. She worked in Durham, he was a cabinet maker and apparently worked at home. I imagine him seeing a new windchime at Lowes (because so much of what was left is from Lowes), bringing it home and installing it to surprise. She expressing pleasure -- but her pleasure is that she appreciates being thought of. She really doesn't like them at all. That's my explanation of why we have a dozen windchimes about the place.

I was worried they would make a racket day in and day out, but it was this evening, with the winds before the storm, that i first heard a faint ringing from the chimes. The roar of the wind in the pines -- most of the lot is yellow pines, probably long leaf or loblolly, easily 80 ft tall -- was like listening to the Pacific, and the winds set the trees into quite a sway.

I watch, ponder how far they can bend before breaking, recognize this isn't even a tropical storm. (The weather report, though, notes the front was moving at 25 mph.).

I came in from the front and went to the back covered porch. There was a terrific downpour for a while, a thick spray creating a white haze above the roof, the visibility across the yard reduced. Rolls of thunder, lightning.

And as i've written, the sunset must be hitting a high thunderhead: we are in a golden gloom with a heavy, constant rain falling.

This is something i've so missed on the west coast.
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Monday, June 13th, 2016 04:23 pm
Whoops, didn't post...

Yesterday [Sunday], i forgot to take my antidepressants. Since it was a day of rest, though, it seemed to have no down side as i wasn't put in much of a situation that might trigger the blues. By the end of the day though, my hands and wrists ached so. (I am finding it harder to disbelieve i have arthritis.) I wonder how much the antidepressants affect pain perception.

Today i feel weary, and realize i haven't taken my antihistamine in some days. Could the weary brain fog be from low level allergies?

Christine asks if the low is a reaction to the horrific news from Florida. I don't think so. Just as with other shootings i find myself with a much more intellectual than emotional reaction.

I think tonight will be a herbicide application evening to the horrible autumn olive. Rain is coming later in the week. I am not excited about better living through chemistry, but a first attack on this invader that grows at almost every boundary between wood and clearing will need to be forceful. Over time i hope just continued lopping can slowly starve the root systems that are not killed.

And then there's the oxeye daisy, judged invasive by a number of states. And by me: i don't remember seeing them on roadsides growing up and now i see a good number in the roadsides of the area. My sister saved two stands for us when she mowed. They're going to seed now. I dare not compost those flower heads!
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Sunday, June 12th, 2016 07:16 am
This morning my attention is taken by

"There is the service of listening. The first service that one owes to others in the fellowship consists in listening to them. Just as love to God begins with listening to His Word, so the beginning of love for the brethren is learning to listen to them. We desperately need the help that can come through listening to one another. We do not need to be trained psychoanalysts to be trained listeners. The most important requirements are compassion and patience."

Richard J. Foster from Celebration of Discipline 1978

Christine went off, i did some unpacking, went out to lunch with my folks, went to a book reading with Christine, and expect my sister and her family for the evening.

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Saturday, June 11th, 2016 07:49 pm
Today was spent driving back and forth.

First was to the dump and a stop at the thrift store (successfully finding a small bin for some of the recycling), and then a stop at the co-op for microbrews (to offer to my sister and her husband) and PBR for my dad. Christine purchased a card for her brother and the bagger forgot to bag it.

So there was the return to get the card.

Then, given various challenges in trying to flush sediment from my water heater there were several trips to the local big box hardware store (only five minutes away, thank heavens). My current conclusion is that the spigot on the heater is stripped. I've found a partial solution at Amazon, and will need to return to the big box store for a hose clamp (unless an appropriate one is lurking in the tool box).

Christine's elephants traveled with us and today was fraught with some elephant tending.

More youtube watching plans involve how tos on finding the distribution box of the septic tank and pouring copper sulfate in to kill roots that have invaded any septic lines.

I am resisting both an interview about HB2 with Christine & her filmmaker sister tomorrow morning and going to Meeting. I probably *ought* to go to Meeting, but i will go to worship outside, waiting and listening.

We've been here for two weeks and a few days -- and our stuff hasn't been here for a week yet. There's still no good rhythms yet. We're quite tired.
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Saturday, June 11th, 2016 08:13 am
The goat squad  hasn't called back but we have a volunteer. 

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Sunday, June 5th, 2016 07:29 am
"This is to officially inform you that an Inter-Switch ATM Card with a fund worth($685,000.00 USD) Six Hundred And Eighty Five Thousand US Dollars only has been accredited in your favor by MICROSOFT in conjunction with OCEANIC bank as a result of the usage of the Internet ."

My usage of the Internet, eh? Is that because i've all but stopped using the internet?

--== ∞ ==--

The cats are still restless during the night. I think Edward is establishing his alpha-cat status by chasing Luigi & Greycie Loo all night. Luigi retaliates when he sees Edward resting, coming up from behind to grab Edward's scruff. Their vocal restlessness distresses Christine.

Christine despairs of ever catching up with the jungle wilderness around our place. I am becoming a concerned that The Goat Squad is out of business or too overwhelmed with business. I gave up waiting for an email reply and called. The voice mail is still up, so there's hope they are still in business.

Yesterday i burned all of the green trimmings, with fervent hopes that i was getting all the poison ivy out of the piles. After putting the fire out, i turned the ground where i had burned, loosening large hunks of the red clay and mixing in the ashes. (The local clay is supposed to be acidic, so adding a high pH amendment doesn't seem like a bad idea.)

The weed whacker is Christine's power tool of choice, and she's going after the stands of Japanese grass (Microstegium vimineum) that are left. We also bought a powerful mower and I, too, go after the M vimineum at the edges of the yard. I take it as good news that M vimineum can be controlled by getting to it before it goes to seed.

We've spent the past two evenings just enjoying the fall of night. It is a very different rhythm than in Mountain View. The best part is that i am getting so much exercise. I'm not sure my feet are very happy about it, but between the exercise, an inclination towards more responsible eating, walking on unpaved surfaces, maybe i'll manage to strengthen my ankles and recover from the plantar facitis.

In negative health news, there's some nasty bite on the back of my left calf, and a tick bit me on my left hip. The tick bite was probably from a dog tick and wasn't long enough to pass on disease. It's going to be fine, i'm sure, but yeech.

I'm listing many of our observations of the other inhabitants of our new home here: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/clowderwood Yesterday morning the cats alerted us to the arrival of Carolina wrens on the deck. The previous owners definitely kept bird feeders: i feel a little resistant to the idea. We spent so much money on bird food in California! I'd rather grow plants that have food for them, like sunflowers. I'm tempted to let a thistle go to seed for them to feed from, but i think that's a temptation i can withstand.

Off to sharpen my machete as a Sunday morning mediation.
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Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 07:39 am
Our household effects arrive next Monday. I'm somewhat preoccupied with the question of comfort since we are not exactly comfortable, definitely not overnight.

Long itemization of seating options )

From that list it seems we should be comfortable but the experience is not one of comfort. Probably we just need a few good nights' sleep. I hope we can figure out what the cats need soon.

We now have power tools for outside. I so wanted a reel mower, quiet and human powered. After a long chopping session ... Monday morning? ... i realized that right now we need all the leverage we can get in battling the invasive species. Christine has a weed whacker and i have a beefy self-propelled lawn mower. We assembled our tools last night and went to work. I was bright red and wrung out after mowing the large east yard, but i was also satisfied. I was able to easily lower the mower to two inches to crop the plants growing in the area we want to convert to a mossy glade, the raise it back to three or four inches to crop the area that will continue to have vascular plants as ground cover. Quite a bit of clover -- white clover (Trifolium repens) i presume -- as well as the invasive Japanese grass. I'm happy with the clover, and, if that's what we end up with mostly as "lawn" i'll be satisfied for a while. I made headway into the un-mowed areas my sister left. Today we may go out for the evening with Christine's sister, but if not i'll be getting the west side that has more unmown area.

So much, though, for the idea of gentle surveys and rescuing varieties of plants to right homes. The jungle quality of lush and rapid growth is impressive and we'd like to be able to actually walk the perimeter of the house. In the back, the vines and such are growing right up to the deck and the fenced area. I haven't heard from the Goat Squad yet: i may call today.

I do love having a clothes washer & dryer inside. I'm getting that chore taken care of more promptly, although the limited clothing and linens at hand may have something to do with it. Indeed, chores and settling in are taking all my free time, it seems.
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Saturday, May 28th, 2016 08:25 am
HI, long busy week. Here's Christine's last travel log entry:

Greetings from Pittsboro!

Sorry for the delay in this final entry to our travel log but after we were fortunate enough to have our truck promptly repaired in Kingdom City, MO[1] we decided to make a big push through to our destination. This took us through St. Louis, MO where we saw the famous arch in the rain and bid so long to Interstate 70 and hello to Interstate 64. A long, unexpectedly desolate, ride across across southern Illinois and Indiana ensued until we stopped for lunch in Dale, IN. Around dinner time we caught a glimpse of Louisville Slugger Park (again in the rain), crossed the Ohio River (see attached), and made our way through the Daniel Boone Forest of Kentucky to Charleston, WV by 11pm.

To the chagrin of restless felines (who were ready for the now established routine of pausing for a motel where they could have a peaceful meal and sleep in a bed) we then pushed through the night on the West Virginia Turnpike to arrive Thursday morning at 5:25am to pull into our driveway and watch the moon setting over our house. Ross and Marie Bush arrived to meet us with the keys and a hug.

After a few hours sleep, our first day in Pittsboro involved misc. security system hijinks [2] and HVAC issues but after a good night sleep we are in place for a long weekend with all major utilities back online (or offline in the case of the "security" system) as they should be.


Thanks for your support and encouragement across the country. We made it safe and sound and look forward to seeing each of you soon.

Christine & [Elaine]

"There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking itself is dangerous."
--Hannah Arendt from The Life of the Mind.

[1] We have blown out the heater and the mechanics by-passed it. Could something have gone wrong at the 11,000 Rocky Mountain pass to do that? Eventually we were overheating, not quite adding enough coolant, and limped into Kingdom City (named for Kingdom Oil, apparently). I was prepared to hear we had a blown head gasket.

[2] We triggered a fire alarm trying to understand the system, and it was still hooked up to the monitoring company. We expect the bill for the false alarm will go to the previous owners, the people of record at the alarm company. Then we had to get the previous owners to ask that the monitoring be stopped. Christine disconnected it all on Friday. I've been watching the arrest log fro the sheriff for a few weeks. Best i can tell there are dozens of invisible people who are cited for Failure to Appear.

[3] Yay the air conditioning cooled down the place! Then it stopped. All the moisture pulled out filled up some line triggering an auto disconnect. We had it back working before Friday heated back up.

I've inventoried a stack of invasive species on the property: Japanese honeysuckle, tree-of-heaven, autumn olive, and Japanese grass. While i have put in over an hour each morning in the yard, it's clear i'm calling the guy in the classifieds of the local paper to come clear the septic field and get rid of some of the large trees-of-heaven and then i'm calling the Goat Squad.

I've got my loppers and machete and will get the mower tomorrow. My sister was an angel and mowed the yard for us.
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 10:12 am
We are coping fairly well. Christine’s had struggles on mornings, particularly Friday and yesterday. This morning she caught herself, and it’s been smooth.

The cats have been taking much attention. We were in heavy traffic after picking them up from The Cats’ Inn, and i wrangled them while Christine coped with traffic. All the cats seemed fascinated with the riverside footwell. Why not the passenger footwell? No, that’s BORING. 

At night, Luigi and Greycie Loo love to burrow under the covers. It’s something they would do on occasion, but now in the motel rooms it seems an obsession.

Yesterday we gave Edward and Luigi a slight dose of a sedative. It certainly seemed to help the morning out. Today only Edward gets the sedative: we’ll see if Luigi is as mellow as he was most of the drive. I think Edward needs the sedative more for the motel rooms than the truck, but we’ll see.

Donner Pass was beautiful: started seeing drifts of snow at 4000 ft, i think, then by the summit at 7,057 ft there were several inches of snow. It began to graupel for a bit (i assume if “rain”, “snow”, “sleet”, and “hail” can be verbs, so can “graupel”), and as we descended there was also some nice flaky snow. 

The Emigrant Pass in Nevada, at  6,125 feet fascinated me. These are the Emigrant Hills: what hills! Infant much of Nevada was fascinating. I saw some wildflowers: no massive displays but lovely. Oh, to ramble for a while! But we weren’t in a rambling mood, so we kept going. 

We’ve crossed Nevada and twilight was deepening into dusk as we cleared a rise and began a descent to a neon and twinkling town. West Wendover, Nevada is home for  a bunch of casinos. Wendover, Utah is home to budget motels. It’s a fascinating contrast. Bonneville flats race vehicle photos are in the hotel lobby (signed, presumably by drivers who stayed here) and in the casino’s convention center area. We’ll cross the white plain and on to Salt Lake, then drop south to avoid rain and snow. 

Hope to be in a lovely Rocky Mountain motel tonight!

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Friday, May 20th, 2016 11:57 am
Bye bye Bright blue sky

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 09:27 pm
A pile of purged cassette tapes. I saved some of my collaged covers and some mix tape covers that listed the contents. "How hard can grad school REALLY be" we will listen to on the drive.
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 03:19 pm
Today i'm supposed to remember ... "replay"... a happy day, but that's really not what i feel like doing ... (even though i still have writing up the trip to death valley to complete).

First, i want to dump some worries:

1) I've had my first homeowner worry dreams: something about the refrigerator. I don't know why: my subconscious is missing the real worries about the dishwasher (is it really going to stay fixed?) and the clothes washer (did the sellers come take it in the middle of the night after the sale, or will they demand it in a few months? or...). The fridge is huge and shiny and new. I will learn to clean its coils, i promise!

and so on )

With luck, recording my worries will mean i don't have to think about them any more.
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Thursday, May 12th, 2016 06:43 am
The drama about the plumbing took a different turn on Tuesday. The plumber had left the bathroom tidy and we set off into the hills to visit various vistas, Los Trancos and Russian Ridge in particular. Periodically my phone would beep with some received message but it wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot at San Gregorino State Beach that we were in signal when someone tried to call.

Dad asked, what is this about Laura finding vandalism at the house?! Our adrenaline surged and i promptly got off to call my sister -- but as i did, i realized i had texted her about the bathroom drama. It turns out she asked Mom, who didn't know about the black water and plumbing snake during the closing. Laura was exasperated: she had repeatedly explained to Mom that nothing was wrong at the new hose. I called my Dad back and let him know it was the known issue with the apartment.

What a game of telephone!

My mother's confusion -- and her certainty of incorrect information -- is part of why i am glad we are moving closer to them, and is going to be one of the challenges. I've found her to be an unreliable narrator for many years, previously predicated on the extrapolations and interpolations she would make and then treat as fact. I certainly extrapolate and interpolate, myself, but i try very hard to keep my speculations clear from the facts. Mom would impute some psychological drama to a family member and reason from there, coming to various conclusions and then treating those as fact.

Now it seems that the leaps are getting a little more wild and correction even harder. I think Mom knows this to some extent. The amount of deference to my father is novel, she is more cautious in the face of new things.

Shifting from exasperation -- from years when it seemed she almost willfully misheard or misrepresented or selectively forgot details -- to a recognition that Mom's capability is diminished is important now. My first challenge, i think, once settled, will be to get her a baseline cognitive screening.

--== ∞ ==-- Meanwhile --== ∞ ==--

I placed most of my plants out for people to take last night. My heart was heavy as i did so. All the plants look so scraggly when pulled out of context, and so many of them are volunteers or survivors -- not carefully groomed specimens.

And i need to leave my Meyer lemon tree. I read the USDA recommendations and NC plant importation rules. While i wouldn't be moving citrus from a quarantine zone, the last thing i want to do is bring something harmful to our new paradise (because it appears i will have plenty of weeds and established invasives to deal with). In particular "phytophagous snails" seem to be a concern for NC, with California a source, and i know i've got slugs in the garden and there are plenty of snails around here.

Phytophagous was a new word for me: Greek for herbivore, i guess? Hmm, "Plant" is from Latin, but "eater" seems like its good Old English.

Anyhow, my heart aches and, as i smell a lemon picked from the "tree" (very very dwarf shrub), i tear up. Christine has cried on my behalf: i feel my stoic wall go up against the feelings, i know i have little signs in my mind: "Do not enter, distressing feelings here."

I've been avoiding the deck garden for months, knowing this time would come.
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Monday, May 9th, 2016 10:10 pm
We close on Tuesday- almost here!

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