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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 06:09 am
Daily journaler is seeking other daily journalers. I'm looking for other diarists that share some aspect of their daily life, whether it's limited to a narrow aspect of creativity or concern or is wide ranging. The diarist should be open to reading my entries and ideally is already reading the entries of folks in my circle.

ETA: Diarist should have high tolerance for typos.
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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 03:52 pm
In the world of DUH, a study shows that fact checking "has measurable effects on correcting political misinformation among voters."



However, "The studies also found that the amount of fact-checking journalism produced by American media has increased significantly in recent years." Yay! (And it's about time.)
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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 09:35 pm
Retreat went well; returned to find Christine had had a rough weekend (as she took on a massive household task). She did a wonderful job; i'm just so sorry it drained her so. Monday we both recovered.

Today, back at the office for me, feeling i'd been gone longer than i was. Finally did a task which i think of as an anti-flow task, as it was incredibly challenging to get "into" it.

This evening i caught something in the back of my throat after dinner, triggering a coughing spasm. That has wiped me out. The second episode of Wolf Hall was quite engaging - and it was nice to have a linear time line!

My mother says that my Grandmámá is merely enduring, and so i'm pondering the need to take time to see her the next time i fly cross country. Which, all things going as expected, will be in the balmy days of mid July when we celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Oh, to go from NC in mid July to Tampa FL in mid July. Ah shall jus mahelt.

I have become clear that i should practice standing on one leg. I think it will help strengthen my ankles and at least help me have a bit more balance. I do not want to sprain my ankles again.
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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 06:46 am
on retreat.

Much of the week had the sense of procrastionation-paralysis. I didn't want to spend time sorting out my to do lists because that seemed just like more procrastination, but when i finally did, my mind cleared and what i needed to focus on became obvious. I can hope it was the action of working on the list, but i have a suspicion it was something before that.... It may have been talking about how i was feeling with Christine and her assistance in getting me through a few steps (laundry and a walk).

At work i was poking at learning some things like Linked Data concepts. Friday morning my Boss had questions for me and, after answering, i mentioned i would take off work early in the afternoon to prepare for this trip. "Take the whole day as a comp day" he said, which was wonderfully sweet. Admittedly, i showed up for the team meeting, but i did appreciate taking the time to get things done, including some extra things.

The retreat theme is Practice and Play, and last night we played games. We were terribly few, and there were a few physically challenged folks. It took the coordinator a moment to really surrender her plans, but she eventually did. Presumably, many more folks will show up this morning.

I'm stopping now to make words with marker on construction paper for a mind-map. I'm hoping for some fun as people get tangled in yarn linking the words together. I HOPE the tape holds.

I hope your weekeends go well!
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Monday, April 13th, 2015 07:18 am
Yesterday i clerked my second Meeting for Business and, due to last minute scheduling shifts, i also attended our Worship and Ministry committee. I am trying to acknowledge my cranky feelings without dwelling too much in them: the clerk of the Worship and Ministry committee can't seem to manage the agenda task. I was happy the Clerk of Meeting could join us as he too could note that, yes, our committee was given a charge back in January or February and it wasn't just i as nag.

The next layer of grumpy was the couple persons who, having been given opportunity over MONTHS to contribute to retreat planning and have say, became all brainstormy and enthused about new ideas. I'm sorry but it's a week away and where were you when we had our planning calls and the months of discussions.

Similarly, one person who had had a chance to edit the State of the Meeting report via email, then in the early Worship and Ministry meeting, waited to have ideas during the Meeting for Business where editing as we go is not best practice for our community.

Amazingly, someone i respect praised my patience after meeting. I wonder about whether i would have this composure if i was still managing at work: I have so much feedback about how harsh i was as a manager. I know the harshness was the effect of years of stress, nonetheless it's hard not to frame it as failure. I remind myself that i held things together over the years of insane management, and if i was intimidating and oppressive, the team was being protected from stuff that is no longer going on.

Meeting for Business was very short, and a friend remarked on the shortness when i clerk. I think i have just been fortunate to have non-issues in the past two business meetings: surely issues will come forward as time moves on and i move to the role of Clerk.


Between committee meeting and Meeting for Business, my worship led me to reflect on what's next for Christine and i (settling here or not, my work life), and i feel led to be as open as i possibly can be to alternatives to the expected. I suppose i was somewhat affected by Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and the vision of pursuing something that made my heart leap. The delight of thinking about forestry management on Friday, leads me to ask how can Christine and i find roles as very middle-aged sedentary persons that allow us to get involved with biodiversity in any of a number of ways?

I reflected back to a series of visions i had over ten years ago. The Divine gave me a huge seed (perhaps more a rhizome or corm) and told me that this was my happiness to plant in my garden. I remember the hesitation and fear i had: what if it ran rampant and took over everything? I distrusted, i was concerned about my control, my decisions and choices. And i overcame that fear and planted it. Over the years i've been aware that i have let that garden get trampled and apparently destroyed, but as soon as i take care, the happiness plant (some sort of lily) sprouts up green again. It persists and now cannot be eradicated.

Providence has given me glimpses of possibilities, of happinesses in work and life, and i know i need to be open to stepping out into the unknown. I think i'm slowly emerging from the deep rut, and so i will have a chance of seeing myself other possibilities. How to get there.....
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Saturday, April 11th, 2015 06:45 am
I have opinions about water district folks, and one of those opinions is that if a writer from Wired calls for comments, they are unlikely to reply. I suspect there's a good bit of, "Who the *&^ is this?" and, "I'm not going to talk to every curious grumble grumble grumble."

So when i read a Wired story about a fight over water releases for salmon late this week i filed the content under "ignore" and went looking for real news. Sac Bee articles were brief and not helpful (turning quickly to metering urban users and ripping out lawns). The Wall Street Journal railed against greens and Democrats. An article in the Western Farm Press answered my questions with clear and complete writing. I promptly left comment thanking the author, and then decided to write directly instead. And now Western Farm Press is added to my news feed.


Feeling a bit drifty.
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Friday, April 10th, 2015 06:02 pm
I'm feeling uncommonly "up" today, which is nice. I can thinking a confluence of positive causes: work email is devoid of anything to trouble me, the conference ended on a positive energy level for me, i'm feeling pretty healthy with only one area of irritation, the weather is charming. Christine too is in a good spot. Joy and delight! And my word what a switch from Friday last.

The third day of the conference had a much reduced attendance, and i could really tell how much less draining it was. The first two days i couldn't bear the thought of dinner and drinks after. Yesterday i could imagine going, although after walking home hatless in a black dress in the bright sun i did not try to motivate myself to leave. (A proto-blister also seemed a disincentive.) Still, it seemed like there was some crowd density threshold that the third day failed to cross, leaving me to feel far less trapped and drained.

--== The work day passes ==--

I am happily still "up" at the end of the day. Admittedly, i wasn't the most effective employee today as i was distracted by Christine's idea of buying out her siblings and cousins regarding a share of property currently being farmed for soybeans in eastern South Carolina. We speculated about putting it under timber (pecans!) and selling carbon sequestration credits. That then had me doing research about that, what were nearby large trees, and eventually, looking up the parcel in the county clerk's online resource.

So, there's the tax value and then there's the land value. Apparently the tax value is one quarter the land value. The "class code" (undefined) says, "MV-Market Value, non taxable value (receiving special use or exemption for a reduced taxable value)," which presumably explains it although i can't seem to parse the comma between "market value" and "non taxable value" in a way that makes sense. Whatever the situation, buying out siblings and cousins would now take a significant chunk, which we would need for a down payment if we were to buy here.

Where there isn't any water. ([livejournal.com profile] liminal_space, i so hear you.)

The temptation to get a RV and go live with wolves is being mentioned more and more often in the household.
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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 05:14 pm
I noted my reading of Polychrome back on March 28th. Now you can too! If you are interested in a romantic fantasy or world building in Oz, check out http://seawasp.livejournal.com/477883.html.
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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 06:59 am
Last night we watched the documentary on James Cameron's expedition to the bottom of Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench. There were critters and, while the camera gazed lovingly at them for moments, the narrative quickly skipped over any details. The focus was on the expedition itself, which was interesting from an engineering project management point of view and from a human interest point of view. Project management: really? You schedule the ship to arrive before the submersible is ready? Oh to have the edited footage that the scientists analyzed for critters and just gaze at the depths for an hour or so!


Does the website from National Geographic link to scientific papers about the trip? No. Are there papers? Yes. I read the paper about the community patterns last night. I found the microbial mats paper this morning. There were also big -- giant! -- amoeba called xenophyophores - i hope to find a paper on them.

I delight in Google Image search as an assist when reading that scientists prior to the trip "identified several distinctive features that characterize hadal communities including a) dominance of certain groups like the actinians, polychaetes, isopods, amphipods, echiurids, and holothurians, b) lower representation of non-holothurian echinoderms, c) insignificance or lack of fish and decapod crustaceans and d) mass-occurrence of holothurians at maximal trench depths."

I'm realizing that these days i read fewer books but delight in reading various science papers as topics catch my interest. Instead of book lists, i now use Zotero to collect the citations for both the professional documents and my diversionary reading. A browser plug in, Lazy Scholar, helps me find full text on occasion, although this morning i note that it can't find the full text of the paper presented in full on the Science Direct website. I will blame Elsevier (which always produces a satisfying sense of self righteousness).

Off i go to day two of the internet identity workshop, hoping to return this evening not feeling exhausted by the pressure of so many people talking and presenting myself as a competent being. I am tired of feeling so tired, which does seem a depression symptom.

Cameron, James. Deepsea Challenge. National Geographic Entertainment, 2014.

Gallo, Natalya D., James Cameron, Kevin Hardy, Patricia Fryer, Douglas H. Bartlett, and Lisa A. Levin. “Submersible- and Lander-Observed Community Patterns in the Mariana and New Britain Trenches: Influence of Productivity and Depth on Epibenthic and Scavenging Communities.” Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 99 (May 2015): 119–33. doi:10.1016/j.dsr.2014.12.012.

Munroe, Munroe. Lakes and Oceans. Webcomic, April 9, 2012. http://xkcd.com/1040/large/.

Nunoura, Takuro, Yoshihiro Takaki, Miho Hirai, Shigeru Shimamura, Akiko Makabe, Osamu Koide, Tohru Kikuchi, et al. “Hadal Biosphere: Insight into the Microbial Ecosystem in the Deepest Ocean on Earth.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, no. 11 (March 17, 2015): E1230–36. doi:10.1073/pnas.1421816112.
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 06:15 am
I wonder what Edward Cat thought when he looked out the door this morning and saw rain (and did not leave the house). He's certainly older than the drought, but he's used to his ritual of leaving in the morning. I think he's sulking at the foot of the bed.

I delighted in hearing the rain in the wee hours. I'll go out in a bit and collect the rain water from a couple buckets. I imagine a new home frequently, and often design a rain collection strategy (no matter where i imagine the home).

I've been imagining living in a tiny house (not that we live in a large space now). There's the stuff question, which gets easier as i carve away things i might do and digital delivery of media makes it imaginable to reduce a library. I still can't imagine living without one floor to ceiling bookshelf (we currently have six, and that doesn't count the partial shelving, desk tops, counter tops, and floor space occupied with books). I would keep art books and poetry, i think, if i were to prune ruthlessly. The home i imagine though (putting the stuff question aside) would have a large outdoor living room. I imagine a space that could be shielded with outdoor awnings or clear plastic roofing as the season required. I think i could enjoy having people over in an outside space: i find i want every inch of interior space tuned to private life.

This outdoor living room has been easy to imagine in a drought here in a very temperate area of California. Even then, i am aware that we've sat on the deck in the evening light and retreated indoors, too cool for comfort.


I've talked with Christine about a strategy for dealing with aspects of our elephant issues (ours in so much as the elephants affect me) and that seems to have helped me feel less distress.
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Sunday, April 5th, 2015 07:07 am
Happy Easter to those who observe ... we took down the Yule wreath, but i've not really refreshed the seasonal decorations in the little display area for a multitude of seasons. I'm trusting that i am recovering and that vitality and motivation are just around the corner. Today, at least, i am vital enough to be making an orange pie in the style of Shaker lemon pies with my coconut crust. I am very much looking forward to this pie. And i'm going to stir up a batch of North Carolina vinegar sauce. I've been wondering what it would be like to cook beans with it, garbanzo or white beans? Christine's been applying it to the vegetarian chicken stuff, but there must be some other way to get the flavor into my life. Some sort of pilaf?

Sadly, the pie seems to not be cooking enough, not setting. I forgot to add starch, and i think i cooked in too cool an oven. I'm trying to zap it to doneness now.


A review of the new Nature journal on plants showed a botanical drawing of a root vegetable that i couldn't quite name. Not a brassica, i knew: but the spinach family. And so i deduced it was a white beet (probably a sugar beet). That led me to poking about in the related plants, which include the goosefoot i was observing in the baylands on my walk yesterday. I've no idea if i was looking at a escape from domestication or a wild type, but this article on the domestication of a variety of eastern North American plants pleased me.

Smith, B. D. “Eastern North America as an Independent Center of Plant Domestication.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103, no. 33 (August 15, 2006): 12223–28. doi:10.1073/pnas.0604335103.

[livejournal.com profile] bobby1933 posted a poem that mentioned shepherds purse and i finally had the common name that i confuse with lambsquarters in front of me. Shepherds purse is a brassica (mustards and broccoli, and so on) and lambsquarters is in the spinach family (or what i call the spinach family: Chenopodiaceae is more accurately known as the goosefoot family).

More thoughts on the edible landscape of weeds. Meanwhile, there's something growing in my untended planters. It appears to match images of leaf celery. I ponder a salad of nasturtium and those leaves.


Meanwhile, i need to acknowledge that the elephant in the room is taking a toll. I'm strong and can manage, but i begin to ask whether i need to find some help. The thought of sorting through the mental health options available through my health care is not ... inspiring. Nonetheless, i suppose i should NOW while i am feeling the buoying energy of the seasonal light and the delight that i can have lovely days at work.

I think i have an evening out with a friend planned in a week. I think i can get some support from her. My sister is supportive as well. There are a limited number of people with whom i feel like discussing elephant issues, although i've made sure that people at Meeting are aware of what i am carrying.
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Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 07:04 am
Current pondering various financial strategies for housing. We don't have a pressure on us, but i wonder about paying rent vs paying (equity+interest)+taxes+insurance. If the later is better, switching sooner is better. Yet water shortage and uncertainty whether we could stay here without my current job.... So, ponder. We've set a moratorium on decision making so that we can spend the time pondering, dreaming, imagining with intention.

Becoming an orchardist with peaches and various fruits and nuts in coastal Carolina areas passes through my mind as wishful thinking.


I shared with Christine my impression that i am slower and not getting as much done as i used to. (Not talking about my employed activity here.) Could it be that in the years of dealing with trauma and angst, with depression, the effort crowded everything else and made it seem to me like i was interacting more? (The "done" as i think of it is reading the morning news and folks' journals and my email as well as my journaling and introspection.) Perhaps i am doing more unrecorded introspection? I can't help but believe that this sense of less done and time evaporating is an illusion (although time is pretty illusory), and that my capacity is more now.

My goals for "Conditions of Enoughness" were met yesterday, and i'm trying to not write, "The goals were embarrassingly meager and i can't imagine not meeting them, but i haven't met goals for so long." Belittling and beating myself up isn't going to help. I met the goals! Yay!
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Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 06:21 am
[livejournal.com profile] snippy gave me the letter B

Something I hate: branding. Please do not ask me to name your product (or my product, for that matter).

Something I love: boraginaceae - the borage family. These five petaled flowers grow on a stem in a coil. Some plants have the coiling stem more obvious than others. In forget-me-nots and borage and houndstounge the coil is loose, while in heliotrope and phacelia the flowers are tightly packed in the spiral.

Somewhere I've been: Boston, once, when a friend and i were theoretically looking at MIT & Harvard for graduate school. I'd decided it was too far from where Christine would be and had been comfortable with my visit to a different school. So while my friend hung out with her sweetheart from high school, i walked across Boston and visited their art museum. It's a fairly blurry memory except for the Greek vases.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Basin & Range - can that count? I am fascinated by the landscape between the Rockies and the Sierras and would love to ramble across it.

Someone I know: My last name begins with B, so that's a list. My brother's dog is named Buster

A film I like: Blade Runner (i can't believe they're remaking it: whyyyyyyyy)

A book I like: Beekeeper's Apprentice - I do enjoy the Laurie R King stories of Sherlock Holmes and this young woman very much. I think it is my fondness of the inner life of the Russell character: a slight crankiness that also mixes with delight and enthusiasm.
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Sunday, March 29th, 2015 09:30 am
I am much improved without dramatically lingering coughing, which points to the wisdom of taking my daily steroid dose for my lungs.

One part of me harumphs, i guess because that part of me wants to be tough and not need the stuff.

But really, HUZZAH, because i don't need to go through six weeks of lingering hacking and feeling subnormal.

Yay for rest, yay for my lower stress work situation.

I spent much time doing nothing yesterday. Some of the nothing was with my eyes closed, but a pleasant amount of it was with my ears very open listening to the sounds i could hear from our deck. There's a sound that i have heard often, hiking as well as at home, that i cannot assign to a particular critter: bird or bug? Six or seven crunch/snap in a row, pause, repeat.

Christine bought Guardians of the Galaxy for us to watch. It was entertaining, but i find i am unimpressed with the Marvel universe movies for anything other than entertainment. I did like Rocket and Groot, and found the portrayal of their companionship to be sweet and touching. I said something to Christine about her being a Groot for me sometimes and i a Groot for her; i think she sees far more of herself in the sarcasm and pain evinced by Rocket.

I imagine "I am Groot" might enter our vocabulary at some level, but it isn't as valuable as --Squirrel!

Part of my reading this week and for this day's worship: http://www.holyweekofresistance.net/ (#ReclaimHolyWeek) & http://www.carisadel.com/3560/where-white-people-should-start/
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Saturday, March 28th, 2015 08:34 am
My resting yesterday was enforced by the fortuitous arrival of the ebook copy of Polychrome by Ryk E Spoor, as a kickstarter reward. It was just what the doctor ordered, and kept me still, removing awareness of my cold, for hours. I'm not familiar with Oz beyond the MGM movie, and found myself comfortably introduced to a new universe. How much was Spoor and how much was Baum? I don't know. I get the sense that the connection to the Norse worlds is Spoor's, and i enjoyed that. The book currently has an April 8 Release date per kickstarter.

This morning we have bright blue skies with wispy clouds. There's a family of crows nesting near by, again, which means we will have a rowdy gang of youngster crows later this summer. They make for entertaining if loud neighbors.
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Friday, March 27th, 2015 09:08 am
So, i have three potential causes of malaise: tree allergies, cough variant asthma, and the Common Cold.

I think i can excuse the tree allergies and go with a diagnosis of a Monday mechanical trigger of the cough variant asthma that made me more susceptible to cold germs on Tuesday, leading to me taking today off work.

I dunno: does analysis like this count as resting? If i'm doing it at a 30° recline?

timeline )
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Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 12:39 pm
I've not been able to really sit and listen (read) your posts for the past few weeks: i miss it. After traveling and returning last Friday, i spent Saturday going over my scribbled notes from the air and reviewing satellite imagery on Google Earth trying to track down features. I learned about the "grand staircase," the layers of sedimentary rock that make up the strata of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and so many features in between. I learned about a Navajo council, and about pig farming on a massive industrial scale i can't quite imagine -- even though i saw it from the plane. I'm not sure why i spent all that time on understanding. I could write an essay now, but....

(Last night we watched an interview with historical writer David McCullough. How did he get started? He saw photographs of the Johnstown Flood and was dissatisfied with the books he found on the subject. I however have Annals of the Former World by McPhee to read,)

Flowers are still languishing in the fridge.

Sunday my brother was in town. He and i drove to Mount Diablo, picnicked in Rock City, visited the peak, and circumnavigated on the short Fire Interpretive Trail.

Monday i overslept, and then got a call from my mother. She went into distressed mode about her and my father's relationship with my brother's family when i mentioned i'd seen him. I eventually said, "Surely this isn't why you called: what's up?" and she went into a bit of distress talking about my grandfather's wife, my grandfather's will, and the great MYSTERY of the will. I am currently the chosen one to ask for the will on genealogical grounds because ... I'm not sure what folks are afraid of.

I ended Monday feeling wrung out, after all day working on a presentation of the work I'd done in Ohio the week before. In the afternoon i'd had some nuts, got a bit stuck at the back of my throat, and triggered coughing spasms.

Those haven't stopped.

Tuesday i presented and then designed and then was exhausted. I came home wiped out, stopping at [redacted] for [redacted list of calorie laden fast food] on the way home. The calories were consumed before i got to the door.

Today is a work from home day, and once all the intensity was over (5 pm Eastern time) i've spent time reading the internet. I'm still coughing and feel under the weather.

I'm trying not to think negatively, but all that comes to mind was how last summer, from solstice into October, i limped, coughed, and generally felt a pervasive sense of unwell. Do Not Want.
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Saturday, March 21st, 2015 06:12 am
I've been thinking about how i rarely write poetry, so different from my younger years. I scribble still, scribbled for hours on the plane yesterday as i noted my observations with the time so today i can go find out a bit more about what i observed (confirming my guesses or not).

But it's not poetry.

I chatted with Christine about it. "If a picture is worth a thousand words...." "Photography is far more efficient...."

Yes, but, i thought, pondering that maybe i have decided my experiences are not remarkable enough to capture, not insightful enough to share. I hope it's that my expression is satisfied with photography, but i wonder if a change has happened. Maturity: when you realize that there isn't a need to share? When you realize the aches are not so bad? That the exquisite emotion is one of a million others?

This morning, waiting for my computer to start from its power-starved state, i walked to the bookshelf and grabbed a book of poetry, A Daughter's Geography from Ntozake Shange. Later, in the loo, i picked up Naomi Shihab Nye's Honeybee. Ntozake's words from 1983 still need to be heard. Naomi's witness to the violence in the middle east looses no poignancy when i realize she's not writing about last summer's violence.

But then there's a poem about Naomi's mother, baking, and i think of my mother working in a bakery too, in that flurry of empty nest, learn skills to escape, effort. Maybe poems about my mother is where my writing should be. I look at my sister's photos sent from Saint Patrick's day dinner and - oh, my parents look so old. But more than the aging that seems to have happened so quickly, is my emotional resonance with how my mother's face is stiff with the "I'm smiling for the camera" smile and her eyes have the tension and stress that never seems to ebb away. I don't think the camera communicates that outside of my history and experience. Words might. Maybe.
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Friday, March 20th, 2015 10:46 am
Tuesday morning:

My flights to Ohio were not crowded, and all the travel went smoothly. Sleep was interrupted once, and i am not happy with the time switch -- but i am awake!

I loved flying over the west. I just spent some time trying to sort out what i saw. Flightaware rocks. They have a table of the locations of the flight that i could use to compare to the photos i took out of the window. These coordinates, 38.3606, -115.9783 are a volcanic field i think i've flown over before.

Wednesday morning:

Well, well, well. The TV got me last night. I stayed up far too late wanting the ... satisfaction? comfort? ... familiar feeling i get from wathching a streaming, add-free show of my choice. I hopped back and forth between Forever and Person of Interest and then ended up being frustrated by all the adds in Nat Geo's Building Wild - but i wanted to see the finished cabin.

Not turning it on again! I'll try streaming over the hotel network tonight.

Lastnight i found the second stink bug in the room. Presumably, they got in like lady bugs do. The first one i trapped in a glass and put in the hall. Last night one flew from the curtain on to the comforter on the bed, leading to a scream when i gave up looking for where it had flown off to and then discovered it virtually in my lap, a tossed glass of whine (ok, wine), and me bundling up the covers in what i hoped would be too much of a maze for the bug to escape.

It's cold this morning, 24°, which is a little colder than i was expecting. Monday night, iin order to meet my set point on the thermostat, the air conditioner ran, so i left it off last night. This mornning i've turned back on the heat.

So, the volcanic field appears to be Lunar Crater VolcanicField.

Friday morning:

I'm not entirely sure how i consumed my other mornings. This has not been the best week for me following the plan-the-morning-in-the-evening habit-to-be. I know Wednesday night when i returned to the room i was terribly spent. After an amount of blank staring, i got myself out the door to walk a bit: that helped significantly. 

Yesterday we spent time wrapping up, and i talked to my manager/replacement-of-me for an hour. He urges me to talk about my needs, but i don't think i have any he can address yet. (There is a potential waste of time meeting on my calendar that i may need to discuss.) We spent the rest of the time with me helping with background on a staff member who screwed up, our QA status, and some other things. I explained how i had done some house cleaning for him, getting the team to take on some responsibilities before i handed the role over. He expressed appropriate  gratitude. 

I didn't  walk after but sat at the hotel bar during "happy hour." A guy in a booth seemed to have his head in his hands. I think he was reading, but he sure looked lost in despair. A woman was in the next booth, reading. And that was it. No waitstaff. So i sat, and pondered my order, and may have strated reading my email. When the waitstaff arrived, he took no notice of me as he finished getting a plate together for the other woman. When i finally got some attention, i asked "So this is happy hour?"  Apparently, they get busy after happy hour ends. Given that there seemed to be no functional difference before and after -- no discounts, that is -- i suspect that the "happy hour" sign is to make sure people realize you can get alcohol at the same place breakfast and coffee is served.

Like i  did on Wednesday night, i streamed videos from netflix quite successfully. The temptation to just watch and watch was much stronger than at home.  On Thursday night i did a bit of knitting while watching, but wasn't particuularly comfortable.


I did find the difference in the two places i walked to be interesting. The first park was larger, and the birdlife was very active: a nuthatch hung around long enough for me to see it clearly,  a pair of hairy or downy woodpeckers were at a feeder. Birders pointed out the hairy (or downy, i can't remember) in the woods, while they hunted for the pileated woodpeckers known to be roosting. In the grasslands i flushed a game bird, observed many redwing blackbirds and robins. Plenty of sparrows and similar sang in locations where i had no chance of making an ID. Birdsong was rich and pervasive, with choruses of frogs around small ponds. I didn't see anything beginning to green up.

The other wooded walk is along the bluff of a small (but significant) gorge.  I heard a few birds, but only observed robins in the old cemetary and a large bird (probably a buzzard) roosting in a snag above the gorge. I admit, the sound of the falls could have cut into my ability to hear birdsong, but i didn't see any flitting. What i did see was small woodland plants getting ready to bloom.

time to fly

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Monday, March 16th, 2015 06:18 am
Friday was a rare "start the day at 6 am" day. I celebrate just how out of practice i am. I ended up reading a novel from when i stopped work into the evening, missing a number of plans, missing some meds....

Saturday i met a friend for brunch, which was lovely. We were having a quite unseasonably warm day, though, and the car was very warm as i ran errands afterwards. I wilted. At home, i just listened to an audiobook and (along with some time yesterday afternoon) brought a crochet project started AGES ago (is 2008 possible?) to DONE. It's a finished object! Woohoo! The sleeves are terrible, and i think it is about as unflattering as possible, but it's done. Next on my list is to finish a lace-weight sweater which is 98% complete.

OMG, Ravelry says "Started October 27 2007"

I suppose i should count this as a major victory. I've a great desire to finish projects up this year, and this is a good start.

Yesterday i cooked up some greens (kale, carrot tops, and spring onions) and then froze them for meals when i get back.

This morning started a little earlier than usual, thanks to feline misadventure, but since i am boarding a plane for Ohio mid-morning to head for a three hour time shift, i welcome the early start.

I've been dragging my feet all weekend on anything that looks like getting ready for this trip. I'm sure it will go well. I just want to stay home with Christine.