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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 06:09 am
Daily journaler is seeking other daily journalers. I'm looking for other diarists that share some aspect of their daily life, whether it's limited to a narrow aspect of creativity or concern or is wide ranging. The diarist should be open to reading my entries and ideally is already reading the entries of folks in my circle.

ETA: Diarist should have high tolerance for typos.
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Sunday, May 1st, 2016 12:23 pm
So the data transfer failed overnight. I'm now waiting on an ethernet adapter for the new mac to facilitate the transfer. Grump.

And, while i wait, i'm upgrading the new machine to the new operating system. Why, may i ask, is the new system NOT running the new OS, oh Why?

My old computer hasn't crashed since i plugged it in and didn't move it again. Hrmph.
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Sunday, May 1st, 2016 08:27 am
See one of the following for today's journaling about Saturday morning in Death Valley. It's partial, but it's a start of catching up.

* https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/606082.html
* http://elainegrey.livejournal.com/2235247.html
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Saturday, April 30th, 2016 10:11 pm
As if i didn't have enough change in my life, i've bought a new computer. I wanted to wait until we moved but my current powerful laptop is crashing multiple times per day. I've tried the PRAM reset with no success. The laptop is a "late 2008 model" MacBook Pro so i've probably gotten a fair bit of work out of it.

I've been saving up for some time to actually buy two computers: a small laptop and a nice desktop mac for image editing. The MacBook Pro laptops seem underpowered for the price. On the other hand, the iMac would be a machine that will feel like an upgrade from my current MacBook Pro. I still really like using a laptop, though. So, i've bought the featherweight new MacBook. Two pounds. That's it. It's incredibly light. Admittedly, the screen is a little small, too, but i've been using a 13" screen for work that has similar pixel dimensions to my 15" personal computer. The new computer has the so called retina screen.

The new laptop also has only one port. You can power the computer OR you can connect it to a peripheral. To do the initial set up, including a migration from my current laptop, it must be plugged in. It looks like it will take seven more hours to transfer the data. The screen taunts me, suggesting that it would go faster if the machine were plugged into ethernet. Y'think Apple? Might want to provide some way to support that then!

Other than the pain of this initial data transfer, though, i think the limitations will be mostly unnoticed.

I'll name this computer sassafras, thinking ahead to the plants i expect to find in our new woods.

--== ∞ ==--

In other news, Paramount is claiming copyright on the Klingon language. Ha! This is going to be fun to watch.
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Friday, April 29th, 2016 05:56 pm
Today failed to have the focus i'd need to fight the procrastination blues. It started out well enough: the new "workflow" form to do one's self assessment leads to minimal reflection and review so i slammed that out without much thinking. (Given the imposter-syndrome-like thoughts this week, i don't know that reflection would go well.)

Next was the check-in which was tripping along until i saw a message from a colleague to our local office: a friend of mine and her co-worker had been laid off. Well, it's not quite May (our usual period for layoffs at the company) but it's pretty close. Last fall, i was planning on hanging on to life in California until this friend retired (and i would be close to completing my role as clerk within meeting).

This is another sign.

The persons i was closest to in this condo complex are gone. The used bookstore is in retreat, closing this weekend and moving somewhere with cheaper rent. Who knows what county that will be in? Our favorite pet supply store is closing. The colleague in the office who i worked most closely with is gone. And now my dear friend in the office is gone.

--== ∞ ==--

Our mortgage has been approved. I had no doubts -- i think we are buying well within our means -- but i'm not sure that is why i was underwhelmed at the news. "That's checked off," was probably my reaction. I suspect many of my emotions are not finding their way out. I suspect there's grief at leaving California. I'll probably have a few good cries in Yosemite.

And sooner or later i need to see if my camera has survived the Death Valley drop into dust and what ever was going on with the battery.
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 09:36 pm
l went back & forth between feeling competent and not today.
I had a lovely lunch with J-Z, who recently retired from our office and who is also moving away from the bay area. He has a condo in Sunnyvale to sell and speculates that there are folks buying U.S. propenty to get money out of China.
After leaving the conference I called B-B.She sounds like she's feeling pretty drained. 
One thing we talked about was my networks here.Lyr's recent reflection on being known made me realize what was,., is...missing within one group. I don't feel known by them-but I do feed loved. It leaves a little gap, but it's still a wonderful gift,
14 cubic feet of books packed. Potentially 46 more to go, if we trust the moving guy's estimate.We're going tohave to pick up the pace.
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Monday, April 25th, 2016 09:28 am

Hi [Elaine] and J---,

Lest you think I’ve forgotten . . .

I am composing a ... guide, in which I plan to address both the preparation and execution of ...data migration and authentication setup.

I would prefer (first) to put together a skeletal structure of an approach for the authentication work that a [customer] must do as part of its overall migration to [thing], and put it in the guide for your review. I find that it’s usually best to ask someone to react to something, even if that something is totally off base or misses the mark.

And so, this week, I’m planning to clear unnecessary meetings from my schedule to devote dedicated time to fleshing out the guide and its pieces/sections, including authentication. Then, I’d like to meet with you, [Elaine], to review the authentication section and proposed approach.


I reply

Oh dear, I’m at a conference most of the week. I can clear Friday (currently marked as OOO) for this. I owe you the analysis diagram. You were able to get to the excel spread sheet?

T responds

Sorry, if something I wrote suggested a meeting on Friday. I won’t set up something with you, UNTIL I have drafted an approach. Again, apologies if I misled you into a sense of crisis or urgency for this week.

I reply

You can’t see me blush. It’s guilt on my part, sorry for reacting “out loud". You certainly didn’t imply or suggest: I’ve been distracted and I have a long list of things that I feel I am behind on.

T responds

HAHAHAHAHAHA . . . it’s kind of what I figured, but didn’t want to assume that.

It’s OK, believe me.
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Sunday, April 24th, 2016 10:13 pm
I hope that when we get to NC I can make learning the local-that is, HYPERLOCAL -plants a very regular part ofmy life. I dont know if I can manage a plant every day, but I should certainly manage one a week.
Tonight it is very blustery and I found this tulip poplar blossom on our evening walk.

Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.
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Sunday, April 24th, 2016 04:38 pm
I am hoping that in four weeks i'll be on the Nevada-Utah-Wyoming leg of the trip and in a month on the Missouri-Illinois-Indiana leg.

I had the last Sunday coffee gathering with friends, and actually stayed for the fourth Sunday lunch so friends at Meeting could chat. Departing is hard.

I've done a final purge of my wardrobe this afternoon, culling all sorts of attractive yet stained, or not fitting, or actually not that attractive, or never worn things. I suspect that the significant absence of the heavy wool sweaters i recall from growing up will not be an issue. (It certainly won't be for months and months to come.)

I've had two anxiety dreams so far. One was entering a home we had bought and being very surprised and disappointed at the large size and how "not us" it was. Last night was a dream of a snake biting a cat.
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Friday, April 22nd, 2016 07:02 pm
I had a panicky few moments earlier today. I think i am overwhelmed by the things i am behind on at work. And of course that leads to more procrastination.

Christine is dealing with the elephants as well as all the move stuff and the coping with HB2 stuff, so i miss her. I know that things have been getting better and that they will be better, but unfortunately i feel a negative feedback loop starting with my own stress.

In NC HB2 injustice news, Christine is getting her birth certificate changed. She has two choices: leave the name as is (Christopher) or change to her legal name -- which is a different last name since she took mine. This is very distressing for her: she'd like to just change her first name. Actually the whole thing is distressing, this is just salt-in-open wound distressing.

In good news, we do have an agreement with the sellers, which includes some fixes (the siding, the moisture barrier under the house) and there's a credit to cover the clearing of the septic field. We're also going to need to get someone to move a bedroom set from my folks place to our new place. My grandmother bought it while she was living with them. It's a dark brown wood: my mother, who is not as confident as she used to be about details speculated it was walnut. It's in a simple Georgian style with Chippendale style drawer pulls. This colonial/Georgian style is what i grew up with, and therefore contempt has been bred. However, after pricing real furniture, the fact it is free and not Ikea is making the decision to say yes easy. I'm still pouting, though, as i spent too much time adoring this Amish Arts & Craft/Mission style furniture.
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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 08:06 am
In moving news, the silence from the sellers has been driving me nuts. We finally followed up with our realtor who replied

I am sure will have the signature from the sellers prior to the end of the [Due diligence] period. They are working diligently. If we do not have the signed document back by mid-afternoon 4/24, you will have two choices:

1. I can prepare a termination of contract for you. You would get back your Earnest Money Depoist, but not your Due Diligence or fees paid toward inspections.

2. Or, you can take the house as it is.

At which point i was in a tizzy. Shouldn't she be doing something about this? We called. (After calling my Dad to ensure that this was weird behavior.)

She poked the agent for the sellers, who appears to be still in the process of getting quotes from contractors and following up on details. EG: the sellers say the smoke detectors are hooked up to the alarm company. Eye-roll. What the blazes are they doing with an alarm company monitoring that place, anyhow? (Back of my brain says, ooh, maybe Russian mafia!)

Anyhow, i am going to assume that they aren't trying to abuse *us* by waiting to the last minute to say, no, we aren't fixing these things and leave us holding the bag for the repairs.
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 09:58 pm
Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 05:35 am
Abandoned Google bikes with a private bus from one of the tech companies
(Google, i assume) in the background.

NASA rides from the train station by our complex in old school buses.

I have many mixed thoughts: "this demonstrates how the tech companies
are getting cars off the road," wars with many grumpy thoughts.
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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 05:42 am
Edward is a 20 lb cat. When he tromps across you, you know it.

There was no tromping last night! Did he settle down? Did he not dare go near Greycie Loo?

Or did he slide open the deck door and let his own self out. He was home this morning, so that's reassuring. We want to get him used to staying in overnight before our cross country drive.

Tonight, we must check the door locks.
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Monday, April 18th, 2016 09:24 pm
So not a productive day, with some sort of procrastination cycle going on. I read the internet. Which is a joke, but recalls the time when i could read all my Usenet feed and there were just enough new posts to keep me going around and around. Did that fuel some good procrastination cycles in grad school.

Tonight we are keeping Edward in. He is pacing a bit, and then chasing Luigi. Christine worries he's going around wanting to relieve himself outside: i believe he's more like a teenager who wants to get away from his parents and go party in the moonlight.

I suspect i will be tromped on tonight. "Can i go out now?"

NO NEWS FROM THE SELLERS. Here's hoping they agree to do the repairs.

We're trying to decide how to get both vehicles across the country. We could ship one. Or we could each drive. We're going through various friends with whom we can imagine being stuck with for five days and asking if they're willing. My Dad volunteered my Mom, which ...erm, ... hmm.
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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 09:42 pm
Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.
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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 07:18 pm
I didn't take my antidepressants today, and that's probably had a part to play in my sense of the blues.

Still, there's something to the feelings about the packing that i think are independent of chemistry.

I packed a great deal of NC pottery today, and my mind oscillates between "too much stuff" to my delight in the handicraft of my home state. (I suppose it is an adopted home state, since i wasn't born there.) Then there's the sense of how stuff has been crammed into corners and places away from where it could be enjoyed. We've been living so tight for so long, i think i'm feeling some regret about the years of being packed in. Will there be a way to enjoy all the stuff in the new home? Christine and i were talking about the CD collection (now just under 300 shelf inches) and how it's compact storage has meant that it wasn't browsable -- and so we haven't enjoyed it (except for the occasional forays into ripping CDs). We purged it today, so Christine will have 1.5 cubic feet of CDs to take to the used music store.

I'll feel better tomorrow. The guilt about owning stuff i don't take care of may ebb. The regrets of living the way we have for so long may ebb too. The worry that we won't take care of this investment we are making may linger. Am i a grown up yet and am i able to have grown up things, like a house?

It's a lovely evening here. Creamy gold wispy clouds are in the blue sky, and a hummingbird visited many of the flowers on the deck. The nasturtium, sage, and scented geraniums all seemed to delight it.
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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 06:49 am
I started using Zotero a year and a half ago to track botany research and Quaker resources. Over time, i expanded my use to where i am recording much of my reading, particularly when there's an interconnection but not a direct outlet. For example, this week's research into what to grow over a septic system is not reflected here.

For your amusement, this week's entries from Zotero:

* “CardioZen : Cardiac Coherence Everywhere | Apps | 148Apps.” Accessed April 9, 2016. http://www.148apps.com/app/593054863/.
** This app is related to the Huffington post article about the vagus nerve and vagal tone.

* Cordeiro, Monivette. “How an Orlando Data Scientist Is Helping #BlackLivesMatter Make the Case against Police Violence.” Orlando Weekly, March 23, 2016.
** I think i'd run across this article earlier, and was finally bookmarking it. More in the efforts to fill the data gap about police violence.

* “Focus-Stacking Season.” In the Moment: Michael Frye’s Landscape Photography Blog, April 11, 2016. http://www.michaelfrye.com/landscape-photography-blog/2016/04/11/focus-stacking-season/.
** I've been using focus stacking for macro photography, but here i learn a well respected photographer uses it in landscape images. He also recommends software other than photoshop's stacking tool -- and my latest efforts with photoshop and focus stacking have been highly manual.

* Harris, John. “Should We Scrap Benefits and Pay Everyone £100 a Week?” The Guardian, April 13, 2016, sec. Politics. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/apr/13/should-we-scrap-benefits-and-pay-everyone-100-a-week-whether-they-work-or-not.
** I'm fascinated by this idea (Universal Basic Income, UBI), and had no idea it is a thing. There's a bit in the article about job loss due to automation: see Derek Lowe.

* Hill, Kashmir. “How an Internet Mapping Glitch Turned a Random Kansas Farm Into a Digital Hell.” Fusion. Accessed April 11, 2016. http://fusion.net/story/287592/internet-mapping-glitch-kansas-farm/.
** I have worked one one application that uses the MaxMind software, and have some GIS training. The technical challenges MaxMind faces in design and how users interpret the software aren't discussed in any detail; this is a lesson in design decisions and unintended consequences.

* Hoffman-Andrews, Jacob. “The Why and How of HTTPS for Libraries | Library Information Technology Association (LITA).” Accessed April 11, 2016. http://www.ala.org/lita/https-for-libraries.
** I just wanted to save the reference documents; i did a little presentation myself on https some time back at a local code4lib meet up.

* Lowe, Derek. “The Algorithms Are Coming.” In The Pipeline, April 12, 2016. http://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2016/04/12/the-algorithms-are-coming.
** It's somewhat embarrassing to have an organic chemist's blog on my reading list and no physicists, but DL writes well and covers a wonderful breadth of topics. I saved this one, though, because of the interrelation of automation and the reading earlier in the week about the Universal Basic Income. Once upon a time there were jobs for people to do the calculations now done by calculators: here's another broad swathe of work that may be replaced.

* Mellichamp, Larry, and Will Stuart. Native Plants of the Southeast: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best 460 Species for the Garden. Portland, Or: Timber Press, 2014.
** This is saved just as a book i might want to get out of the library in NC or buy used. I have no excuse to buy this new.

* Munz, Philip A. A California Flora. Berkeley, Calif: Univ. of California Press, 1973.
** This is one of my surprisingly large collection of flora (systematic books on all the plants of a region). I don't quite have one cubic foot of them. Once upon a time i was advised that having multiple flora is helpful in identifying plants, because one author will focus on a distinction that another won't. Since weedy nonnatives can be just as hard to distinguish (filarees come to mind) and they may be found on either coast, taking 50 lbs of California flora back to NC isn't that crazy. (Once in a box, books now have an easily estimated dollar cost. $50 to ship the cubic foot collection of floras, another for the graphic novels/comics, and the moving estimator expects we have 60 boxes of books.... )

* Russell, Gerard. Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East. First Trade Paper Edition edition. New York: Basic Books, 2015.
** On the books to get list, linked to a review, see below.

* “Scientists Hacking Our Nervous System Discovered Something Incredible.” The Huffington Post. Accessed April 9, 2016. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/29/hacking-the-nervous-syste_n_7469526.html.
** Click bait titles are SO embarrassing. This is about how the vagus nerve plays a part in immune system responses. Intriguing.

* “The Great God Pan Still Lives | The Revealer.” Accessed April 9, 2016. http://therevealer.org/archives/20527.
** Review of Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms

* “The Irish Friend, 1837-1842: Excerpts from the Pioneer Quaker Newspaper,” n.d.
** I received an email invitation to buy this book. Not sure i want it -- i ought to read the actual Quaker periodical to which i subscribe first! Nonetheless, an interesting document, so i saved the sales blurb.

* “Viewpoint: Why Bathrooms Matter to Trans Rights.” BBC News. Accessed April 13, 2016. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36000356.
** Helpful education piece

* “We Asked Cops How They Plan to Enforce North Carolina’s Bathroom Law.” Mother Jones. Accessed April 11, 2016. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/04/north-carolina-lgbt-bathrooms-hb2-enforcement.
** Keeping track of NC's HB 2

* Whoriskey, Peter. “A Man’s Discovery of Bones under His Pub Could Forever Change What We Know about the Irish.” The Washington Post, March 17, 2016. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/03/17/a-mans-discovery-of-bones-under-his-pub-could-forever-change-what-we-know-about-the-irish/.
** Interesting discovery that feeds into my general curiosity about genetic genealogy and human migrations.
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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 12:44 pm
I'm trying to be less distracted than i have been of late.... and today's excuses are that during the team check in, someone was in a snit, and the conversation got a bit heated. I wasn't paying attention to myself, so i was responding in tone.

By the time i'd unwound from that, i was supposed to attend an hour and a half training session on how to use the new online tool for my "performance management." After registering for the class, i'd asked about the webex information so i could attend. ("The registration email doesn’t have a webex: are all of the trainings available to non-Dublin staff or did I miss annotations about which were available for telepresence?") I received a snippy email about how the course information explained the webex information would be coming later. Fine, i thought. Well, it didn't come. I spent some time being really peeved at being forgotten.

I've gone back to look and found, indeed, i missed the indicator that the class i signed up for was not available to remote staff. The person who gave me a short response missed that i had made a mistake.

--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, as i troubleshoot a critical production issue, i got a call from my Dad. He called to let me know he found a big rock on our property-to-be near the top of the rise at the back of the lot. He says the poplars back there are at least 100 ft high. (I trust his estimates way better than my own.) He's out walking with my brother who is visiting them for a couple of days. Looks like a lovely spring day in the photo of Dad with his foot on the rock. (This is all relevant because i asked Dad to walk the property line when he was there with Christine last week. He is delighted to find a section that isn't just recently overgrown farm land.

Remind me, when it's the nth time Dad pops by for coffee while i am working, that this is a lovely thing.
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 08:29 am
Dear North Carolina Legislature:

To where do i bill the hours of distress and effort my spouse is going through in trying to make sure she will not be harassed or arrested due to HB2?

Maybe not so dear,


--== ∞ ==--

I don't know how i advocate for Christine publicly without discussing very sensitive and private subjects. What a stupid law.

I'm listening to Debt: The first 5000 Years and it underscores the interrelationship of patriarchal culture, debt, slavery, honor, policing female purity, and violence. It's a useful lens for looking at the apparent "Oh noes think of the childrens" reaction here vs gun violence.