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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 06:09 am
Daily journaler is seeking other daily journalers. I'm looking for other diarists that share some aspect of their daily life, whether it's limited to a narrow aspect of creativity or concern or is wide ranging. The diarist should be open to reading my entries and ideally is already reading the entries of folks in my circle.

ETA: Diarist should have high tolerance for typos.
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Saturday, August 30th, 2014 06:53 am
Image from page 365 of "Hill's album of biography and art : containing portraits and pen-sketches of many persons who have been and are prominent as religionists, military heroes, inventors, financiers, scientists, explorers, writers, physicians, actors,Waking with a sore throat. CURSES.

Delighted to hear of this Internet Archive project, one which excerpts images from digitized books & posts them to Flickr with surrounding text. I've used the scanned books at Google for clip art for a while now: it's nice to have some assistance in finding the images.

The Mission Blue project wants to set aside 20% of the oceans as preserves. E.O. Wilson apparently thinks that's thinking small. He is proposing 50%, Half Earth, be set aside. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-world-really-set-aside-half-planet-wildlife-180952379/?no-ist

I love the idea of working wild landscapes, of corridors of parks from that article.

And i would love to roam through longleaf pine woodlands. I've driven through them and admired them from the car window.
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Friday, August 29th, 2014 03:55 pm
Just listened to Hari S. on the PBS New Hour ask, "What was the most important thing you learned in your first job?" as part of the Labor Day weekend observation.

Put the bread and eggs on the top of the bag.

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Friday, August 29th, 2014 06:31 am
Whine )

I *am* getting better. I just resent this week.

One silver lining: being sick has allowed my ankles to continue to rest from the sprains earlier this summer.


Last night we watched Netflix documentary Mission Blue: both wonderful and heartbreaking. http://mission-blue.org/ Sylvia Earle's life is amazing to ponder: a marine botanist and one of the first to use scuba gear, one of the first aquanauts, pioneer for women scientists, and witness to what may be the beginning of one of the great extinctions.

50% of coral reefs gone?

My recent reading has led me to spend time thinking about how the oceans probably have incredible evolutionary information. While plants may be the extremely long lived creatures of the land, underneath the waves animals live for a very long time:

There’s a 2,742-year-old Gerardia coral, and nearby, the 4,265-year-old Leiopathes, a
black coral related to sea anemones, both discovered in exceedingly deep waters off
the Hawaiian archipelago using a submersible vehicle—approximately 1,200 feet
down. Older still, in Arctic waters off the Norwegian shelf lives the 6,000-year-old
Lophelia pertusa coral, around 330 feet down.

The oldest animal on the planet could be the 15,000-year-old Anoxycalyx joubini
volcano sponge off the McMurdo shelf in Antarctica. I’m not sure of their exact depth,
but no one has visited the oldest among them face-to-face, in fact, as they were
found using a SCINI ROV—that’s “Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation
and Imaging Remotely Operated Vehicle.”

Sussman, Rachel; Zimmer, Carl; Obrist, Hans Ulrich (2014-06-03). The Oldest Living Things in the World (Page 265). University of Chicago Press. Kindle Edition.

I tell myself that shallow coral reefs are unlikely to harbor ancient individuals, what with sea level changes and so on, but the species could have been ancient: ecological niches effectively and efficiently filled since the niche was discovered now empty?

And the fish stocks plummeting?

What heartbreak. What blindness. Sylvia Earle's eyes are wide open, and this documentary helps us all see.
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Thursday, August 28th, 2014 06:46 am
Media Wednesday slipped by, but i wanted to note that...

... i am playing iOS game "Swords and Sworcery" as i rest. I enjoyed it at the beginning, but the coordination to fight off the trigon's lightning bolt attack is annoying me. The training mode is civilized. So far I'm not feeling stressed but as soon as that happens, i'll start ignoring the game again. I think i got the game in some "free this week" offer in the IOS store. I'm not much of a game player, but we'll see if this pulls me in.

... i read Schild's Ladder by Greg Egan on Overdrive on Saturday. I did not take the time to pay attention to the science fiction unification of gravity and quantum mechanics with my critical mind, but let the the device move forward. I found the layers of world (and universe) building and narrative nicely interwoven. Having been thinking about biochemistry since starting the Great Courses Biology: The Science of Life by Stephen Nowicki, i appreciated the effort to evolve a novel form of life. I just have an itchy feeling the writer got to a point and some one said "Wrap it up" and a chunk of discovery, explication, and resolution was skipped to, well, wrap it up.

On the other hand, sick reader.

... i'm reading http://openstaxcollege.org/books Biology text. It's a little rough (terms used before introduction), but it's providing me a foil for the MOOC and the Great Courses. I'm also poking around in E O Wilson's high-school level free iBook text. All these feed into the ANKI flash cards. (Note - there's a whole EO Wilson-developed high school Biology course in iTunes University.)

... i finished Coursera's Learning How to Learn. It reinforced some things i had picked up over the past decade: oh, if i had learned these things BEFORE grad school! The newest point was that exercise is also useful for learning.

... i started Coursera's Preparation for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms. I decided i am not interested in participating in the peer engagement part. Since my goal is understanding plants at the ecological level, i try to keep my focus on the keys details for that. One of the TA's helped me find a text that explained relative densities of ions in solution in plant cells to contrast with the human bias presented in the lecture.

I suppose many people taking biology are en route to the medical profession. Hrmph.


In exciting genealogy news, i've been contacted by relatives on my Swedish great-grandfather's side from Sweden. His history, prior to getting married, is not well documented and there is little in our family records. My earliest documentation had been a census record after the first children were born: no idea when he was married, immigrated, etc.

I spent some time on google earth translating his mother's and father's moving about from the email narrative to a map. It was a little while before i realized that the movement from HOUSE TO HOUSE was being passed on, all within no more than 5 miles square. From that history, to crossing the Atlantic, moving around the eastern seaboard, to Wyoming, to Florida -- what a change!


Things on my mind:

* Coughing when i sit up and talk for a while. Saw the doctor yesterday and was told keep resting.

* Family dynamics are in a holding pattern. I'm still looking for resources and have no idea how fast this needs to move -- but right now we're letting my Dad call the shots.

* Haven't heard from HR about the resources for my staff member.

* Christine's therapist was even less impressed with the psychiatrist's behavior because the three word "diagnosis" was first just sent to the therapist and then sent to Christine with therapist cc'd. Therapist has disabused Christine of the notion that it is a reasonable "diagnosis." The previous night's (American) murder mystery tossed the same diagnosis around for the suspect.
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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 01:55 pm

Prednisone seems to be leading the side-effect race, particularly with wakefulness. Awake late, awake early. I dozed through the mid morning, and i am somewhat out of it now. I decided to eschew caffeine, which may be part of this splitting headache.

We watched Gravity Friday night, which had me pondering whether the debris cloud issue was real (very plausible, it seemed) and whether we could effectively lock ourselves in our planet with our debris. Today i find the description of the Kessler syndrome. The original article presenting the issue describes a belt, so i presume we are far more likely to just make particularly useful and inexpensive orbits unsafe than totally deny ourselves access to space (barring that intention). It also seems that the cascade of collisions would not occur over the timescale of the movie.

The lake, it turns out, is Lake Powell, rendered unrecognizable with greenery from computer graphics.


Last night's ride woke us up, and i could hear buildings shaking. I tweeted promptly, remembering the first medium sized quake i experienced in the bay area. This time, even with the very massive Edward, there was no way to mistake that shaking for a cat jumping on the bed. My goal was to get back to sleep as soon as possible, so after filling out "Did you feel it," i did my sleep ritual and managed to even sleep in.

I am looking for any notes of the 2007 5.4 Earthquake. I remember it vividly. I seem to have no notes in LJ, none in my elainegrey twitter account, and i can't go back that far in my elaine grey twitter account. Ah! The date is in UTC: here's my LJ entry.


I've received several emails from my distressed staff member. He's concerned about how he can't remember what he said, and is clearly obsessing over the event. He's been dealing with something he has identified as a health problem for several months. I am impressed at how it seems no doctor has said, "do you think you might be depressed?" to his presenting symptoms of low energy and lack of motivation. On the other hand, i think he would dismiss that all together: he seems to be very dismissive of emotions. With his concern over his mental gaps of the conversations on Thursday he's now reporting he's going to see a psychiatrist.


I continue to rest. But i'm having tea this morning since i got plenty of sleep overnight.
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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 07:13 am
Yesterday was triggery. There were some excellent aspects: i successfully isolated an hour to get some things done first thing, and i got a call-back from a psychiatrist who sounds tolerable. However, engaging with the health insurance company and their obsolete list of providers (3 of 5 no longer taking patients, the remaining 2 with month long waits) did not cheer me.

Again, thank you to the three professionals who have the "no longer taking new patients" message on their voice mail!

There were kerfluffles and poor communication channels. One kerfluffle had me thinking back to my mental state a year ago: job loathing, huge crisis, weeks of round the clock crisis response work. I do see from a journal review that i was trying to keep a good frame of mind: i noted something good from my previous incompetent "new director."

I believe i have deeply offended the HR professionals by blowing off participation in last fiscal year's "Management Incentive Program" and then saying the reason was because i found it annoying. My new boss raised his eyebrows, and went with a whatever, (but may have forwarded my response verbatim). In retrospect perhaps just an abject apology would have been more politic. Apparently, one must participate in the incentive program.

While i had apparent success in the mental health professional lottery, Christine had a failure. Possibly triggery bad behavior from a therapist )

One thing about the elephants: one of the concurrent issues was Christine going off paxil after over a decade of use. As time has passed, my conclusions are that it has a really nasty withdrawal. Now that the withdrawal distress is subsiding, she seems to be coping with the elephants pretty well. During the withdrawal distress i was really worried about her, and so was urging care of a psychiatrist. Now, i think much of the worrisome reactivity was withdrawal.

There are still elephants tromping about, and i still need to let her lean on me when she gets tired, but she's got capacity again to let me lean on her.
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 07:07 am
The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act will limit the 1033 program that allows transfers of surplus DOD equipment to state and local police departments. Specifically, it will prevent police departments from getting weapons designed for war zones.

If you want to ask your congress critter to sponsor, FCNL (the Quaker national lobby) has a form at
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 06:19 am
I spent last night cooking, and it was a bit frustrating.

The first dish was to use up some beets and apples that had been aging at the bottom of the crisper and were no longer crisp. (Actually, one apple was fabulous. I wish i knew what type that keeper was.) I used this recipe as an inspiration, less the orange, and i added some similarly sad carrots: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2013/11/ginger-citrus-maple-roasted-beets.html

This seemed to go just fine.

The next dish was to address the eggplants and fresh black-eyed peas from the veggie box. I added far more coconut (sweetened) and didn't churn it into a paste. Also, no curry leaves or fenugreek. (Thank you wikipedia for translating unfamiliar ingredients into those i had a prayer of finding.) I wanted to use the pressure cooker and i also added rice. The step of frying the onions and spices went well, but tossing in the rice and then eggplant hit some strange issue where the "high" stove eye setting seemed to be interpreted as the neighboring "off" setting. (I had just put water on to boil on the back stove eye: coincidence?) After realizing i wasn't toasting the rice, i got the heat back and thought i was doing well building up pressure when i realized the rocker wasn't rocking but all the steam was existing through a rubber pressure release. I tapped it a few times (with the corner of an empty pasta box) and managed to somehow have the release go in against the pressure and release even more pressure.

I think i managed to get the rice and beans cooked. I was very tempted to stand and pick out every black-eyed pea to eat after tasting the first six or seven to see if they were cooked. (Boiled peanuts: i miss them.) This is lined up for lunch today, and three other servings are packed in the freezer for lunches into next week.


Finally, i prepared this salad. The pasta suffered first from neglect as i realized that the heat had left my curry dish, and then it too lost heat and so the pasta was cooked in weird cycles of boiling and cooling water. Something about the flavoring was lost, although i had just spent a good amount of time in a curry scented sauna. I wish i'd had oil cured black olives instead of brine cured. Also, i think lemon instead of red wine vinegar would have dressed it more to my taste.

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Monday, August 18th, 2014 06:21 am
As causes go, Christine's picked up one that seems narrow in scope: a story about a K9 officer and her handler. The officer is going to be auctioned off for $3k. http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/keep-emmy-home/214684 . The town sounds like it has some stuff going on with its ex-police chief and current board.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday pondering what i could ask for in legislation, in reporting to help address excessive force applied by the police.

Pondering what i can do to fight excessive force and disproportionate policing )
Meanwhile, reading about Ferguson now seems less about learning about what is experienced broadly in the US than about lousy or absent leadership.
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Sunday, August 17th, 2014 07:43 am
My yam was downed pretty quickly and proficiently yesterday morning. It's made me think: i've had many fewer early meetings (is my new boss glowering at folks for me?) and so i'm wondering if i can now begin to set aside morning time as Work-Yam time when i am working from home.

In other work news, my new boss has offered to "make it happen" for me, where "it" is a rather nebulous new job that is not management but more product direction oriented. I am very curious as to what he has in mind for "it" but it sounds very good.


We did some shopping yesterday morning, culminating in a stop at a glorious Italian bakery where we splurged on a half dozen cannoli. They sell Amarena Fabbri Wild Italian Cherries: i wonder if that's the cherries that at the end of the cannoli. Christine hasn't eaten her share yet. I think i can hold out on eating my last one for perhaps 90 minutes more.


After we got home both of us had some variation of being down, low energy, something. It was odd. I read the following and pondered about whether i should mention last week's fever to the doctor:

Five residents of Santa Clara County have been infected with the West Nile virus … Those with the virus in the county live in areas where the highest concentration of mosquitoes carrying West Nile were found this year, including Mountain View….

Symptoms: http://www.cdc.gov/westnile/symptoms/

I collected our share of the farm box in the early evening and loved the look of one of the huge beefsteak tomatoes. I had a vision of a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches with the tomatoes and, yes!, it was decadent and delicious.

I really need to make the salad niçoise and ginger roasted apples and beets i planned last week. The beets and apples are sad relics at the bottom of the fridge. So, that's on today's to-do list


I created a Twitter list to consolidate the streams of many of the journalists (plus Alderman @AntonioFrench and @Felonious_munk) in Ferguson, Mo, and started reading it yesterday. I checked in for a half hour before curfew last night, watching the live stream from VICE news, but *cough* my bedtime meant missing the post curfew events. I generally believe getting caught up in the news cycle is a bad idea. There's a term from postmodern discourse that describes the way we humans can get caught up and own a story that isn't ours. Various school shootings, various tragedies get picked up by national media, and it seems to me people consume them emotionally without critically examining the news. They are, truly, stories, and not news. How aware are we of our own local shootings and tragedies?

So, i do try hard to keep news as news and not as story: to look for news that informs and doesn't inflame.

Why am i reading the twitter feeds? Because the injustice in this country isn't localized to St Louis, and because the feeds are giving me the insight into the pain of those who live subject to the injustice. I think of the transit police's shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant: why didn't i get up and do something. (Probably depths of depression at that time? Or in the long downward slide?) No one in Meeting talked about it.

I may talk about it today.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cases_of_police_brutality_in_the_United_States#California seems helpful, although there's the recent issue of the older woman... Marlene Pinnock.


OK, that cannoli awaits.
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Saturday, August 16th, 2014 07:19 am
Moss Landing Dunescape

From two weeks ago, nice bigger.

Taking asthma meds: still coughing. Took yesterday easier than perhaps i should have, but plan to start work shortly to get the hardest thing done. I went through the "Learning about learning" course week 3: this addressed procrastination and a bit about memory. It all continues to be a refresher, but -- if i had learned this before grad school!! I don't know how the depression would have played in, but the depression and the procrastination led to a vicious, vicious spiral into the black hole. I don't think memorization was an issue for me in grad school: indeed, the focus on just deriving everything from known concepts and not having to fill in blanks about names means i'd no need to memorize, just conceptualize. This section also addressed memorization and mentioned some of the mental hacks i've picked up in the past year. The Anki software i've recommended was given a brief positive shout out, as well.

In the slides there was another sad frog rendered in clip art and the lecturer noted some writing coach as recommending eating the frog first in the day. What is it with eating poor frogs? It's yams for me, and i'm off to eat mine.
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Thursday, August 14th, 2014 06:03 am
Twitter news, thank you for the OMG-headshake of Ferguson news overnight. The fascinating view of http://map.ipviking.com/ had revealed to me last Tuesday the Anonymous attack on the St Louis area.

Query: Are there yams i've eaten in the past day, yams getting cold on the plate?

There are probably yams getting cold, as i have been feeling like a lump as i wait to clear from the asthma attack (and then had the face pain flare yesterday afternoon into evening). There's a staff review that is definitely on the to-do list as critical to wrap up.

In Fury news: the psychiatrist Christine went to see yesterday sent her packing when she mentioned her other therapist. He wants to be your only mental health provider. I haven't sent my letter yet to the health care company. MUST SEND EDITED LETTER. Is that a Yam? Probably. I should call, too. Have them find someone competent again as the guy Christine saw was one of the only highly ranked providers for the health care company. She's going to go see another person out of pocket who comes recommended by her current therapist.
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Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 07:26 pm
Asthma flare Monday evening, an attack in the middle of the night, hard to breathe all Tuesday. New meds on the way, with the steroids available last night. Yay. Must develop the discipline to use them.

Family drama is ongoing with my sister, my brother and his family, my parents. It's so nice to not be part of it! After my mother diagnosing her grandkids variously as autistic when they were small, apparently my sister in law's father has diagnosed my mother as autistic due to her rigid world view. There may be cognitive difference involved, but the anger and the cycles of manipulation are issues that affect her quality of life whether she has cognitive difference or not. (I assert: i welcome correction from those of you with more insight into cognitive difference in the autism spectrum.)

(Is depression cognitive difference? It's definitely part of neurodiversity, but do people think of depression as a cognitive difference?)

Cognitively, i continue to play with the Anki flash cards. There are two systems at work: service directory and service config. I frequently say the wrong one. The flash cards are at least having me make the mistake more often. I also have two new colleagues who were hired within months of each other, who know each other, one named Todd and the other Tom. Pictures and descriptions go in the deck in hopes i quit stumbling over their names in meetings.

My media progress is not speedy. I creep along the highway listening to the Biology lectures at 2x speed, i enjoyed the MOOC on Learning at 1.5x speed last Friday when feverish. I have picked up the fiber while watching in the evening again. As the evening watching is often "comfort watching" (particularly with fever and asthma this past week), having my hands busy is something i feel good about. I've finished another knitted washcloth with crochet trim (knooked based on the Templeton square), and i should go back to my crazy scarf.

I feel a certain need to simplify so i can start reading the books i want to read. I have bought so many. But instead i read papers about botany and biology on the internet. One was about attempts to make systems to synthesize organic molecules by computer.... something else? Oh, right, a morning of studying environmental impact analyses.

This morning's query (rolling the virtual dice multiple times) is "How have i furthered the cause of social justice in the past day (week) and what opportunities have i missed?" I mentioned The Southern Poverty Law Center to my Dad and sent him the link: he had made a great sweeping stupid statement of fear, and i called him on it. He backtracked, and i pushed the point of understanding that extremism is everywhere, not just "over there." I suppose i consider the environment also a social justice issue, so the reading on Saturday was a contribution. I am not sure about Gaza opportunities, or Ferguson opportunities: i question reacting to media focus. The news about Colombia has ceased flowing my way: maybe a goal would be to check my subscriptions and so on to see if i am still on the lists for advocating for the US government to stop funding the human rights violating actions. (Maybe it's all better and no news is good news?)
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Monday, August 11th, 2014 06:55 am
Anki is a flashcard program that i highly recommend. It is free for most platforms (but iOS), and i happily paid for the iOS version.

Two features make it well worth it to me: one is that it supports spaced repetition, one of the highly recommended techniques in the "Learning about Learning" class. That means that the software, based on your feedback, varies how long it is until you see the card again, from minutes to months. It phases in the cards so you aren't overwhelmed, but have new material mixed with old. I'm beginning to have hope that i have a memory: i've just never known how to train it.

The other feature is the card flexibility. Simple "front and back" cards can be used in both directions (sometimes presenting the front, sometimes the back). A type of card called "cloze" prompts you for "fill in the blank" type questions -- multiple "blanks" can be defined on the same card. A sentence like, "An acid has an excess of H+ ions and has a pH of above 7," can be entered once, and used for three different cards:

*_____ has an excess of H+ ions and has a pH of above 7.
* An acid has _____ and has a pH of above 7.
* An acid has an excess of H+ ions and has a pH of _____ 7.

Pictures can be used. I've a custom card for people, now. I grab staff directory photos and prompt myself for someone's name, and on the same card i can prompt with a name and ask what they do, or ask what they do to prompt myself for a name.

It seems flexible enough to work through triggering all sorts of different memories, from academic, definitions, to affirmations, and other things that one might want to call to mind.
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Monday, August 11th, 2014 06:33 am
I woke far too early in the predawn gloom, and didn't fall asleep easily. The last hour before trying to fall asleep and the hour before journaling, though, i have made good progress on sweeping up loose ends. I'm beginning to feel a sense of knowing what i've committed to out there, and like i can make decisions about what to do next without missing something important.

I almost missed a commitment yesterday morning: i was signed up to close Meeting for Worship, but having been feverish the past few days i had lost that thread. I didn't want to leave Christine in the morning.... It worked out fine, as i recalled as i drove in.

Today's query: What joy have i experienced in the past day (week)?

I was thinking about joy during worship, and how i don't know if i sense joy as an experience that often. "Rejoice," i thought, and i realize i do know how to do that. (Some difference between active and passive experience, i suppose.) I rejoice often in seeing the expressions of contentment on our sleeping cats, and, with Greycie Loo (who never seems content in the way the boyos do) i rejoice in when she reaches out and asks for affection.

This past week i've rejoiced in my borage plant: tossing some of the bright blue flowers in a salad of basil, cucumber, tomato, and orange, pinching back some of the faded blossoms to see if that promotes continued blooming along the cyme.

"Make Grace a habit, not a ritual," came to me during worship, too, tied up with my reflection on joy. What i call grace is a refreshing experience, washing away clutter that overwhelms me and helping me see the simple next steps forward.

I noticed yesterday evening, as i awaited my brother's visit, that i had the energy and clarity to do some chores -- with ease, not with "gotta do." I was aware in the moment of the ease, and i will say i rejoiced in it.

I'm not sure how to make grace a habit: other ways of thinking about it are remembering to be present in the moment. I've lots of little triggers i've tried to create for myself out there: i'll just keep reminding myself.

I know what woke me was anxiety about a meeting today. So it goes.
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Sunday, August 10th, 2014 07:31 am
This morning's dream ended with a rocky beach shore landscape, with the tide far out, and instead of fascinating tide pools, there was junk junk and more junk. Earlier in the dream the landscape was very cold, a village of some sort, with horses in a corner lot and a handful of us standing at that corner, when a white colt jumped cleanly over the fence and went running about in the joy of being young and coordinated. A great deal more in the dreams: a code written in playing cards? But little beyond impressions left. Foreign coinage. Something about the arctic. Hotels. Public transportation on carts or backs of trucks.


I was reminded yesterday of my intent to journal in response to queries (mucking through my inbox), so this morning i have "rolled" for "Do I let people in power (politicians, large companies, influential organizations) know of my concerns? Do I follow that up with action such as voting, shopping or donating differently?" This comes from a list a queries a friend wrote up for allies.

Christine has lead us in one direction: due to the seal hunts we boycott Canadian fish. I don't write letters as much as i would like, though. I'm happy to say that yesterday i spent some time reading an environmental impact statement and wrote the City of Cupertino of my concerns about how they were progressing with project approval. I think the alert email i received was a little too ... overwrought, but it is a sensitive and critical habitat.

So, other than a few choice points of evidence, the answer is no. I sit in the morning gloom and wonder what i will, could, do about that. What do i want to do about that? I can imagine what i can do, with joy and skill, about the project in sensitive habitat: i'm putting time and energy into developing those skills. Advocacy in the face of injustice: first i need to open myself to being exposed to the injustices, and i fear being overwhelmed.


Meanwhile, i'm pretty sure the fever has passed and i'm mostly back to myself. Some evidence in hindsight comes to mind, and i wonder if i caught the bug at the aquarium where all those vectors were screaming and running around. When i was feeling my worst, Christine subscribed to the Consumer Reports website and did research on what was the best thermometer, and then went out and bought it.

I've subsequently found myself with up to three degree variations in temperature measurements over five measurements. Sometimes throwing out the outlier can help, but sometimes not. I don't know what i'm supposed to think, but a baseline seems required. The thermometer instructions note that one has a lower temperature in the morning than the evening and that there can be a difference of .2 degrees due to slight differences in measuring: neither explains a three degree difference.

The last time i had a mercury thermometer, i was in college. I dropped it on the terrazzo floor of my eighty some year old dorm room, and the environmental team showed up in hazmat suits to clean it up.

I wonder if you can buy them on ebay? Ooooh! You can.

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Friday, August 8th, 2014 04:15 pm
Fever yesterday, today.

Bah, humbug.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 08:12 am
* Finished Morse. So so very sad, so we are starting Inspector Lewis over (at least until i start remembering how they end).
* Netflix recommended Royal Pains. I skimmed the first episode. Um, no.
* Watched Romancing the Stone (1984), last watched ages and ages ago. I think i like "Action Adventure Romantic Comedies." There's Crocodile Dundee, African Queen, and ? I guess many Kathryn Hepburn films? Recommendations for Netflix available Kathryn Hepburn films always welcome, any other recommendations? Anything more recent than the 80s?

* Raising Steam (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett - started during the summit week as i thought i needed a diversion, not more thinking. Not particularly excited. I've seen some of the Discworld videos on Netflix and enjoyed those, but the full narrative, listening, misses the power of the skim to edit and the video editor's sharpening of the story.

* Still loving Biology: The Science of Life. At 36 hours plus, i am listening at 2x speed.

Courses: I am happy to discover Coursera has an iPad app that downloads the videos. I've sketched out a series of fall courses for myself. The first is four weeks (20140801-0831) "Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects." This seems rather light. The first week introduced me to a number of techniques i already knew, although it was useful to hear that the number of "chunks" has been reduced from the "four to seven" guideline that was espoused in information architecture menu design to just four.

Next, with a slight overlap, is (20140823-0914) Preparation for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms. I think this one will be tough, as it will involve memorization. The audiolecture will have undergirded the conceptual understandings i need, but this will force me to learn language and labels.

I'm not sure whether i will stick with the next, (20140915-1110) Sustainability in Practice. It is, however, buzzword rich. I may spring for a certificate and list it on Linked In, if i think i can keep up.

Finally, the exciting one: (20141026-1214) What a Plant Knows. I think this is Biology for Physicists and Poets: it looks pretty light in the time commitment. There's a Nature episode, What Plants Talk About, that is similar.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 07:44 am
"Conditions of Enoughness:" I got my Monday's (day off) and Tuesday's goals done. I note that I am a very very easy grader on meeting my daily goals. Someone was once trying to suggest i drop my expectations for targets: currently i have a list of walking, talking microbreaks, journaling, and some other self care goals. These are behaviors i want to turn to habits, but rarely do i do them all, so a weekly review invariably finds me short. This doesn't bother me as much as the idea of not trying to make those all daily habits. None of them are competing goals: i never have a competition between journaling and walking as one is a morning habit and the other is an evening habit for me. Thus, i don't see what dropping one to focus on the other would do to "help" me.

Setting (and meeting) "Conditions of Enoughness" -- limited and specific daily goals -- is another self care practice. I generally use these for highlighting things i would procrastinate in doing. Oh, if i could set aside a chunk of time at the *beginning* of my work day! Instead, the time for these is after 2pm. (Which is when i would prefer to have meetings!) The "easy grader" thought came to mind because one of my COEs for yesterday wasn't completed, but it more than doubled in scope between when i put it on my list (two familiar change write-ups) and when i started (plus two less familiar, plus a three unique write-ups). Still, i worked on it all afternoon, so yay me.

Google's contact harvesting: Wow, what a lot of contacts. And strange ones - there's one for my grandmother who died before Google existed. Is that from some photo label? I'm deleting it, anyway. I don't know what i'm breaking, but they need better metadata if they're going to intertwingle details this way.