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Sunday, March 24th, 2019 08:46 am
Let's see. A bit of a blur this week.
Thursday: felt moved to draw runes to observe spring.

A new version of Outlook exposed "shared calendars" that i had linked to eight or more years ago, which hadn't been (prominently) visible in the versions of the software i'd used since. All but one of the calendars was for retired, laid off, or deceased people or for conference rooms that no longer exist. I decided i would remove these calendars, and by doing so, cancelled every meeting i had initiated (past and future) AND deleted all my calendar entries. It is an odd sensation to look at a completely blank work calendar.

Thursday night: Had dinner out with Dad, who related that Mom didn't want visitors because she would be indisposed. I should have thought to call before we left Apex. Read the remainder of the evening.

Friday: Dad called mid day to say Mom is coming home on Monday*. The therapists have not built a rapport with Mom and she doesn't trust them. They say she doesn't take direction. She has always shut down around loud urgent instruction (except when she'd start fighting with Dad over his tone of voice). Her sensitivity to what is loud is a little on the dysfunctional side: enthusiastic and energetic conversation would get labeled as argument.

I wrapped up work as well as i could, and then walked Carrie while Christine was running other errands. We didn't get far back into our woods before i found the skull of a six point (western three point) buck. Carrie was QUITE interested. We've put it on a tall stump in the back of the orchard (in a little area we've left wild). I don't think it's completely cleaned out: i suppose a soak in bleach water would be sufficient at this point, but leaving it where insects can complete the last bit of work seems reasonable.

Saturday: i left very early to join my sister at Dad's to plan and strategize. We went over four hours, and i think we came to some common understandings. The best part was role playing getting Mom to cooperate with some toileting issues: we worked on some language we hope will frame things so that she feels she has some agency but also doesn't provide triggers for arguments and tantrums. We moved some furniture around so there'd be some easier access which involved a little overriding Dad's resistance. He did admit it was better after.

In the afternoon i apparently gave in to retail therapy as we bought a high wheeled string trimmer and a new lawn mower (electric, push). Christine mowed the back yard with the reel mower, and i used the now nonadjustable-height and no longer "self propelled" gas mower to get a bit of the west side yard. The electric mower only runs for an hour at a time, so i figure pushing that long will be good exercise. The string trimmer is for any rough areas and so i don't need to worry about the electric mower's "strength".

I also got loppable branches off likely the last tree to be cleared from the meadow nee septic field. It's off the field, but close enough, and was bent over by vines and not attractive. There's a red-bud and a black walnut that could be cleared away from the boundaries but i feel confident that they won't cause issues. We do have autumn olive to still clear from the border of the field. I worked a little on some trees that had come down in the woods in the winter or the fall tropical storms: they seemed to have been dead as the branches were quite brittle. I didn't want to chip them, so i started yet another brush pile to be critter habitat.

Today i need to assemble a helmet to use with the chipper and the electric mower, begin mowing, chipping and attend to some plant issues. Maybe also plant beet seeds. And and and.

* Proposed date was Tuesday, but Mom has a Monday medical appointment. By having her depart on Monday, she has two ambulance trips instead of four.
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Monday, March 4th, 2019 11:06 am
The Olds -- pseudonym for the purgatorial nursing home Mom has been in
BSW at The Olds -- B, the social worker who told me to "go with the flow" on Friday and that Mom could be transferred to the closer rehab facility
L & E at The Olds -- Director & head of nursing at The Olds, who sent their mobile numbers to me in response to a hand delivered letter
King Rehab -- pseudonym for the new rehab facility

Email sent earlier today:


Dad is at King in Apex and finds they don't have the paperwork needed to admit her this morning. We don't want to miss the bed availability you told me of on Friday. Could you please get that to them as soon as possible? Dad has been trying the number for The Olds, as in your signature, for 30 minutes this morning, so we're escalating with email to you, and calls to L & E.

Please call my father [redacted] at ‭[redacted]‬ to confirm status or to clear up any questions

Thanks for your assistance,


Just talked to my Dad. The Olds is telling him all is OK. He’s just finishing getting Mom’s clothes (after being fussed at for attempting to take The Olds' hangers, and then doubling up clothes on hangers: things must be done just so per my mother. Sigh, it's a good sign that she's back to previous cognitive levels). He's then heading back to King in Apex to make sure it’s OK. Because there has been NO communication from that location.

Go with the flow. My πŸ‘.
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Friday, March 1st, 2019 08:17 am
Tuesday was colored by a password flaw in Apple's Mojave operating system combined with the enterprise management software used by my company. Pretty much my whole workday went to that. My out of office time was colored by visiting the hairdresser who colored my hair. We continue with the very delicate coloring that is barely noticeable -- but it's enough of a brightening to make a difference.

Wednesday i had worried calls from Dad, therapy, and some stress from switching work tools. My iMac, which i bought for editing photos and rarely sit at, appears to be in some shadow of the wifi transmitter. After a frustrating video meeting i dug out an Ethernet cable and, zoom, all the bits started flooding my way.

Yesterday my sister, father and i met to make plans, and i apparently ran the meeting like a martinet. OK, that's me over-stating. We did get through resolving on next steps. It turned out that the place she is at had, at Dad's Wednesday request, sent the information needed over to the facility we would like her moved to. My Dad's expectation that things would be drawn out drove me a little nuts: it will be drawn out if we draw it out. He was going to make a more clear request for information to be set over today. He obviously doesn't recall the four hour turn around we had in early February between request to send information and receipt of the results. (Then a "no".)

I'm hoping that the slower response regarding the transfer is reflecting more consideration this time.

I felt stressed and unwell most of the day. I think tree pollen allergy season is at hand, and forgetting an antihistamine at night contributed to the sense of illness yesterday.

I have found a mystery series that i may enjoy reading in the library eBook collection, the Flavia de Luce Mystery Series. The sleuth is a 1950s-ish impoverished British aristocratic family's youngest daughter, with many tropes of the cozy British mystery with Sherlock Holmes like awareness of scientific detail and the inner life of a vengeful and precocious ten year old.
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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 11:32 am
Saturday i woke very early. Venus was bright as i let the critters out for the dawn rumpus. Since i was awake, i slipped out to go visit my Dad (who rises incredibly early) as he and i both had agendas to meet while seated at the computer. He fixed me an egg sandwich and, after discussion, coached me on how to order it from his short order chef days. Apparently, i want my fried eggs "Over hard."

We spent hours talking about how to manage their Apple devices and storage, with me hitting on some specific things, like making a secret apple ID that can be used to set up FaceTime with auto-answer on their old iPhones to use as monitors. (Aunt is sending walkie talkies that have the usability issue, identified by my aunt, that mom will need to push a button to make it work. I had sent the iPhone auto-answer plan in the email i sent yesterday. Whatever.) Set up the Google calendar my sister and i had been sharing for care on their apple calendar. And so on.

I was pretty drained when i got home, but helped Christine unpack our Yule gift to ourselves: a great big tool cabinet for the garage. Consolidation of tools ahead! This is the year of the garage, we tell ourselves.

Sunday, Christine crashed a little at the thought of me leaving early again. So instead of getting to my parents at 8:30 it was 9:30. I think i will need to keep Sunday mornings for us and then for me to go to Meeting. My sister and i decluttered, removed leaves from tables, moved the twin bed downstairs and made it up, while my Dad built the "wedges" that don't meet code as a ramp, but will improve the safety of getting the wheelchair up and down the two different 5" rises. After that i tackled some technology challenges, leaving my mother's machine painfully downloading the latest version of the Apple OS and taking her iPad 2 home to upgrade to the version of iOS last supported on that device. Fortunately the version is sufficient to support the $75 language therapy application. It took all afternoon painful iPad stuff )

Monday, training in the morning with the hectic sense of care in the hospital with constant interruptions. Work in the afternoon, with an "ARGH!" when i poked an issue with the internal support desk about boring tech issue )

Yesterday Mom came home. Christine offered significant logistics support, taking me to the hospital, taking the commode chair and some supplies from the hospital to my folks'. In the evening she brought over a table i had ordered (and had delivered to our home without thinking) plus Chipotle bowls for us all. My mother marveled at the flavors and beauty of the lettuce, beans and tomatoes -- evidence of what a month of hospital food can do when you have the least dietary constraint. (She needs foods that won't cause choking.)

Between Christine's morning & evening help, the biggest challenges is the assistance with Mom's transfers: hospital wheelchair to new wheelchair to car to new wheel chair to toilet to new wheelchair. Mom's strong, but still very confused about why she needs help and what the steps are that we ask her to do. She also doesn't understand, it seems, why she must use the commode chair and not the regular commode. And then the hissy-fit she had over how we had rearranged the master bedroom! My parents' arguments are bad enough, but with the comprehension challenges there's an additional level of communication challenges. I finally understood enough about mom mpother's concerns that i could mediate and explain the problems and proposed coping until the weekend. My sister has some solutions we can try then. The biggest concern on my mother's side i think is that it doesn't look good and Dad has to get into their bed on my mother's side of the bed. Dad keeps wanting mom's bed and commode to be in the living area which my sister and i keep stopping.

Today, i am trying to work and have done a decent job. Right now a colleague is defending his use of the word "angsty" so i get to finish reviewing my past few days.
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Friday, January 4th, 2019 11:14 am
"Dream residue" -- good name for a band?

Back at my work desk with the bright light blazing in my face.

The training went well Wednesday. I was drained by being so alert to everyone's energy: sister, mother, father, aunt. In the evening my sister thanked me for the "chill out" warning i flashed to her when my dad was practicing the pivot transfer with my mom. Most of my energy was trying to make space for my mom, who was ready to engage with her therapists, and my dad, who can get pounced on by women-folk in our family. That is, he can ask a question or say something to try to be humorous and get corrected pretty quickly.

reflections on trainers )

After training i had lunch with my dad and aunt, then bolted off to my therapy appointment. My therapist's mother had a stroke, and so she may be a one person caregiver support group. In the evening i met my condition of enoughness, marking the locations for more fence posts around the garden so i can pound them in as small tasks during lunch, and then getting the halogen work lamp and long power cord arranged so i can use that to work after dark.

My aunt has managed to antagonize us all. )

We have more rain, the top layer of soil is so completely saturated.... I worry about many of the new trees and new grass drowning. Looks like we will have a week without rain after this, though so maybe we can have a bit of a drying out.

Work was OK on Thursday, but i'm not off to a great start today. I'm getting frustrated with the RSA phone app that will theoretically give me access to the VPN. It would be good to use the app now that i am will be going back and forth to my folks house to work, but if it won't initiate....
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Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 11:41 am

OK, starting with the good: yesterday evening my folks brought over more tomatoes and okra, and we hosted them in the back yard. More debriefing on the Florida family followed. Christine commented on how much more comfortable they seemed outside. I'm not sure why that's true, but i think they are. Even at their own home. So we had a lovely visit with them, and i served some previously dried okra and tomatoes with the drinks. There was some distraction from the hoverflies that hovered around us, and - good heavens - the damp damp weather feeds a somewhat fetid underscent. Still, i look forward to more pleasant weather and an established sward and more visits with family outside.

"Gardeners, therefore, sometimes use companion plants to attract hoverflies. Those reputed to do so include alyssum, Iberis umbellata, statice, buckwheat, chamomile, parsley, and yarrow." -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoverflies

Given that we were surrounded by buckwheat in bloom, the hoverflies are apparently to be expected. I hope they are ones that eat aphids.

As a side note, Mom has forgotten what a dehydrator is and how it works.

--== ∞ ==--

Annoyance yesterday: after getting a bunch of brush ready to chip, i went to start the chipper. First pull on the starter, i see some leaves - presumably attached to a branch -- slide into the hopper. Next pull is tough, and then no pulls are possible.

Lesson learned: make sure the hopper is clear at the end of chipping and before chipping.

I'll have to take the hopper off and fish around to find the branch and get it out of the way. Bother.

--== ∞ ==--

Annoyance today: somehow the signal on the wifi hotspot attached to our modem went south. Fortunately we had another hotspot. Just by chance my iPad was on that hotspot. So i was flummoxed for a long bit trying to figure out why they were different (and what was wrong with my work machine). Christine touched some things which we realize affected the antennas and now it's kind of back to normal. HOURS ON THIS.

--== ∞ ==--

Another annoyance: i've picked out flower seeds for the orchard -- some are selected for ecosystem services such as accumulating nutrients or attracting friendly bugs (hoverflies, say), others because they are pretty or rugged. I'd found some really good deals on bulk seed, but i began to be suspicious at how good the deals were. Feh. Turns out the company has many complaints. I decided to look for other vendors. One plant i had found at the notorious outsidepride site was the beautifully blue and low growing Gentiana acaulis. PrairieMoon.com and EverWilde.com are the vendors i've found with bulk seed quantities appropriate for ground covers. If anyone has any other recommendations, i'm happy to hear them.
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Thursday, March 15th, 2018 07:51 am
Despite my defiance of tech snafus, the day went on with taking the drier off life support and declaring it time for a replacement. And my therapist was AWOL.

I let myself sulk, which is a way of expressing anger, i guess. Ah, "passive anger" per some random emotional competency web site. I don't think it is *quite* as destructive as the site makes out. Sulking in someone's face is one thing, sulking at home is, i think, another. I don't want to fire my therapist over this, and i don't know what's happened: it could be nothing to dreadful. Sulking was a way fo feeling my disappointment -- which wasn't so much disappointment because [mind game of my own].

The daylight savings time shift did mean plenty of time to work outside in the brisk air and read curled up on the couch. Dinner was the other half of the pot pie i'd made yesterday, a very ordinary but delicious bit of comfort food.
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Sunday, January 28th, 2018 08:56 am
Some time ..last week? the week before? i noticed the "collection" of citations for my general reading was gone. Since one can delete a collection but leave the citations, i thought that's what i had done. Then Friday night i realized the citations were gone. Several years of reading notes, and 2017's watching notes, gone.

I spent much of yesterday morning trying to find the latest stale copy of the database to use to recover the citations. I found one from Jan 1st, so i've only lost about 20-25 days -- and i think i can recover the books i've read from Overdrive.

That was absorbing enough that i needed to bolt to get to the NIA class i'm attending with my sister and mother. NIA is a aerobic-ish class that mingles yoga, tai chi, aikido, and dance. My sister realized it would be a good thing to do with my mom, and, indeed, i think it is. Not top of my list of things to do, and my mom's a little resistant as well, but it is a lovely joy and love and compassion filled community. As a duty it is delightful.

I begrudge a little the energy not going to the yard.

Yesterday was very mild, and so i also got out and planted the daffodil bulbs i'd dug up in Dec, crocus bulbs and onions i'd bought on a whim, the peony i'd dug up, and the peony from Christine's Aunt Rachel i was certain had died in the long freeze, sitting in a planter. The peony i dug up i failed to have patience to properly divide. We'll see if the smaller root bits manage to cope. Digging was yet another energy expense, although the slow melt of the snow meant the clay was just the right moisture to be easy but not a mess.
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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 04:40 pm
I ended up reading this article about the asymmetries in sex parties in Silicon Valley and this NYT article about 'live' water and the entrepreneurs who are promoting it in Silicon Valley today. Not good headspace.

Meanwhile, Evernote became very badly behaved on my work machine. That put me in a funk today.

I'm hoping for a better work day tomorrow.

Tonight i am food adventuring by fixing smelt. Fingers crossed that the small bone-in fish will be appealing.

I've ordered horehound plants after having some horehound candy this holiday season. I'm thinking about my herb garden to be and making all sorts of hard candy flavored with herbs. Lavender candy. I've ordered a mint that they claim has wintergreen flavor. And holy basil's clove scent: i wonder if that would make it as a candy? That's my escape from the thoughts of water that has a shelf life of a month (a lunar cycle, excuse me) because it will turn green.

The happiness i felt some weeks ago seems so hard to grasp today. I'm hoping after a little recovery from the holidays and the asthma flare, the happiness will be easier to find. Gratitude, compassion, and pride, i read recently, help one achieve goals (like New Years resolutions). I know gratitude and compassion are also spiritually powerful, and pride of a certain sort, the "job well done" pleasure -- well i can imagine that being very motivating.


Sentences that are hard to read at anytime but make brain go boom after the holiday include, "However if you transform a quantum key exchange to a supersingular Isogeny you can attack post-quantum RSA and thus apply our attack indirectly to secp256k1." https://robotattack.org/
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Monday, November 20th, 2017 06:51 am
Arrgh. I had hoped that once i had a few failures in restoring the O S to this machine (my laptop) i'd be able to return it to Apple and get a new one. But no, I must go through the same dances. And, most irritatingly, the" Genius Bar" didn't have an appointment until Wednesday afternoon. I have happily vented my irritation at Apple on their post call survey with care not to impugne the Staff.

I took minutes for Meeting for Business in the morning and found it agreeable. Unlike the large urban meetings in the FGC tradition there is no formal numbered minutes to be read and approved I appreciate the informality but I do wonder if i am led to introduce a modicum of distinction? Without the formal action of having a numbered minute, yet with all the essential steps of checking for unity We Empowered the clerk to use her judgement So we would not need to meet in Dec to approve gifts to a family known to have needs.

And with respect to that minute, I must say the generosity of the meeting continues to delight me. The budget we gave to the Clerk was an amount my previous meeting would have struggled with, even though I think both meetings are probably similarly endowed .

By the way, I am using the handwriting recognition on my phone for this post. Miracles occur in translating - the scribbles to text but I can see that there are still issues with case. The UX of the website on my phone makes proofing a bit of a challenge. Forgive me for not bothering at all.
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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 09:24 pm
Shorter and shorter days.

Went out on the lake with my dad this morning. It was lovely.

Discussing my mother: family traumas & memory issues )

Well, it was good to have time to talk about our concerns about Mom, but we also delighted in the early morning light as it hit the autumn colors in the trees. We saw fish jump out of the mirror surface of the water. Crows, cormorants, juvenile eagles, grebes, great blue herons, killdeer & kingfishers.

I tried not to dwell on the fact that my camera batteries almost all are shot (except for one that needed to be recharged), thus i was not taking pictures with the camera but with my phone. It was tranquil, and we explored up a narrow reach that felt wonderfully remote. I showed off the GPS attachment to my iPad with the USGS Quad maps: he thought it was the best thing ever. Their iPad is pre-lightning connector, and i didn't see any GPS on eBay for the older iPad connector format. I have half a thought of getting a new ipad for myself, and giving Dad mine and another GPS dongle. Hrm. A new iPad isn't nearly as expensive as i thought. Hmm.

Speaking of expensive, i'd found that there was a setting on the Galaxy note where it would ignore the hardware signal that the pen was put up (caused by putting the stylus in backwards) and it would sense the pen! Hurrah! And then i put the pen up in the little storage area (where i had broken off the "top" by putting it in backwards) and now i can't get it out. Fie. It turns out that styluses for the older model are available for less than ten dollars. I ordered two. I'm back to not wanting a replacement phone for a good while again.

What we really want is a deer fence around a cleared & graded orchard area, as well as a circle for the driveway.
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Thursday, October 5th, 2017 03:57 pm
Innovis & Experian had no click through agreements with particularly boilerplate text. That was nice.

Whoops - i missed the privacy and security boiler plate.

http://www.equifax.com/privacy/ - hahahaha.
https://www.alerts.equifax.com/AutoFraud_Online/pdf/Security_Policy.pdf - how to tell if ssl is on if you are using internet explorer

Equifax is short straightforward )
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Thursday, October 5th, 2017 03:14 pm
And i'm trusting these folks to freeze my credit why?

ETA: six blocked advertisers on the privacy policy, one on the freeze form itself.

Clickwrap from Transunion )

ETA - oh yeah, the privacy policy: " In general, we will use the information collected from you for the purpose for which you provided such information. We will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction or (2) as permitted by law. These third parties are not allowed to use Personally Identifiable Consumer Information except for the purpose of providing these services."

privacy policy )

At least NC law provides for free freezes.

But wait, there's a specific credit freeze T&C.

blah blah )
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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 07:35 am
Last night to the genius bar. At first, i felt despondent that the issue was not going to repeat for the support person and that i would be stuck with this crazy behavior. Barry, who helped me, seemed ready to push through all possible diagnoses, though. I was starved though (or "starved", i'm sure a hormonal and stress related tension), so while Barry removed the disk-wide encryption i had applied and reinstalled the system, Christine and i went to a nearby burger place.

After a salad first course, i returned to find Barry quite indignant on my behalf. It is so not software, he announced. He seemed quite irritated with the previous genius' management of the issue as clearly not trying hard enough to find the issue and passing it off as software, leading the technical staff to not do much in the way of solution, either.

I thought back to the conversation with my therapist and your comments: how hard was i on myself in trying to solve the "software" problem? Particularly when he said "I was not going to tell you you were crazy," i wondered what i had telegraphed to him about my expectations of how this would go. How much of the previous "support" was gender biased? Such that i came in this time with all my command line geek-fu on display? Such that Christine felt she needed to be there as witness and to chime in that i'd spent about a 100 hours on the issue? (That was an exaggeration, in my mind.)

It was very reassuring and comforting to have someone pissed off on my behalf. I have a suspicion the April person who "helped" me is going to get chewed out, as Barry seemed both intent on solving both problems: the machine problem AND the process issue. (I'm going to write the store a appreciative note about Barry, but probably not with the first sentence as written here.) There's a possibility that the macbook, the first version in the very compact form factor, was poorly manufactured. (The technical term used was "meh," which i completely grocked.)

I do think i could have been more direct, as i would have told me, "Look, i know sending it back to get the logic board and another part replaced may seem unsatisfying as you've now been through this three times. This is the last time we'll try to fix the machine: if this doesn't resolve the issue, we will replace the machine with a new macbook." I felt like i was being prepared for the possibility that i may have to give up my attachment to that piece of hardware. Pfft. I'm just delighted to know that i will have a functioning chassis that will hold my data and software sooner or later.

All of this is under the extended warranty. There have been times in the past where i've needed to use an apple care warranty in year three, so i've found it a sensible precaution. In general, i've found apple hardware to last well past the extended warranty, and have felt i could have gotten even more use out of them (Christine has instead, eked the last useful processing out of them). I often wonder if the extended warranty is just a way to pull a bit more cash from the customer: this time, it's definitely to my benefit.
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 07:54 am
Wednesday: therapist & "wellness coach" present evidence that i am too hard on myself. Have a sense of vertigo as i realize that how i express my intention to change that ... is expressed in a "too hard" manner.

Thursday: started work thinking there were no pressing things so planned to take Friday off. by end of day, pressing things. Still took Friday off. Did take a break mid afternoon to walk Carrie before evening thunderstorms & saw a black snake eating a frog. Carrie didn't really notice that, but a deer across the field? Bow wow wow wow and a dash to chase.

Friday: yard work, significantly on the septic field/meadow. Lots of puttering in the yard. Trip to the dog park.

Saturday: morning a little puttering in the yard and then the afternoon at the Meeting house for "The Art of Fearlessness." Delightful.

Sunday: Wee hour awakening to Carrie collecting clothing to chew on in the living room. Need to crochet a fix to a lace sweater. Meeting for Worship with the message from the Alamance county chapter president of the NAACP, the afternoon at my sister's with her parents-in-law, her husband's sister A, A's husband, and their three kids, and my parents. C had had plans with her sister.

Monday: major tree take down from the end of the septic line, along with a long fire burn and it was so hot. Pondering goats again as there's a section we haven't kept clear. Then to the pet store to buy a dog crate, bed, and many treats & toys for Carrie.

Interspersed within was wrestling with my laptop: after a clean install it's still crashing. This morning i called Apple and the consult person seemed pretty clear that they need to find the issue. I hope they can.

Sigh. I could easily spend several more days working on issues around the house -- the computer distraction is not welcome.

I would love to write more communicative entries, but it's time to go to work. I've hooked the mirror of my laptop up to my photo editing machine and will soon have that set up to manage email and such from while i wait to get my laptop back. And i'm going to start using my work machine -- as i am now -- like i used my personal laptop (morning and evening correspondence etc). Hopefully i'll be able to make some digital recovery steps while waiting for my machine to be fixed.
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 07:20 am
!! ?? !!.... )@*(&$!! WHO NAMES A HORSE CLOUD COMPUTING???

I'm posting to facebook a series of "a year ago today"noting our movie across country. It's part of an engagement practice. (at this point, my computer decided to give me grief, before I could share with YOU)

Sadly, my personal computer is being very trying when it comes to supporting my communication efforts. Anyone use macs and have a favorite debugging tool?

I spent much of my free time Monday trying to sort out what is wrong. I was using ssh to access the machine's command line, but it would crash when I was trying to pack up my email directory. I have ordered a cable so I can put the machine in target mode and treat it like an external drive.
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Friday, May 12th, 2017 07:05 am
Along with upgrading operating systems, i've decicded to switch to firefox. I started because i thought a google update might have something to do with the crashing, but i'm going all the way after reading an article that asked one to reflect on how much of your life is mediated by "the big five": Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and .... oh, right, Facebook. Because i don't use Microsoft products personally, i use Microsoft's search engine much of the time. Google was still getting all my browser traffic, though -- and they get whatever leakage of my life comes through my phone. No need for them to have access to all my browser usage.

I think i feel a little different about Apple and Amazon than Google: i am actually a paying customer for the first two, but the only way Google can make money is by monetizing what it knows about me. (Ditto Facebook.)

I can't remember when and why i switched from Firefox to Chrome, but switching back is quite a distraction. The number of places I am authenticated is remarkable.

--== ∞ ==--

In other news, TL;DR: we are cranky and out of sorts because of bills and family. )

Also, ticks.
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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 06:49 am
Arrrrggghhhh and, maybe, victory?

My laptop has been very very flaky, and a week at the Apple shop didn't help. It worked fine on my trip, but as soon as i was home, the flaky began again. Why my wifi should trigger crashes when multiple airport, plus hotel, plus friend's wifi didn't remains a mystery. Indeed, despite the correlation, i don't have confidence that that is directly the cause.

One day -- i think it was yesterday, but it feels like it was Monday -- i was able to keep the system up for a full backup. Then, while poking at something it began crashing moments after logging in again. Eventually, with a "safe boot" i began installing the latest operating system, which was fraught with strange stops and starts. I finally completed the install this morning, and it hasn't crashed since -- although i remain dubious.

Another snafu occurred with apple accounts -- that resolved.

--== ∞ ==--

Well, it's been some hours now -- i read an eBook last night without incident. I haven't yet run email because i am someone who does not keep her email archive in the cloud and i worry about loosing some of the messages. Here we go!

Smith, Kristine. Code of Conduct. The Jani Kilian Chronicles 1. BookView CafΓ©, 2015. http://www.kristine-smith.com/index.php/books/jani-kilian-books/.
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Thursday, March 30th, 2017 11:30 am
The spot soldering/welding job on my new glasses at the temple has come undone. I can find the flux and solder, but not the little butane torch. Argh.